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With sadness I must report that Pat Lambert has retired as our Parish Clerk after 10 years in the role.  

Pat has worked with a variety of Chairs and Parish Councillors over the years, she has always been so supportive to everyone she has worked with and her knowledge and understanding of council work and the needs of this community has ensured that we have been able to face the many challenges.

On behalf of the Parish of Charndon and the Parish Council I wish to thank her for all her hard work and commitment. Taking up the role of Parish Clerk is Ally Baldwin, Welcome to the parish Ally, we look forward to working with you. 

Please note that our email address remains the same and all other contact details have been updated on our website.


Sandy D’Amon (Chair)

Charndon Parish Council

20:20, 29 May 2018 by Jemma Dyke

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