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We have reviewed the application and will be shortly submitting our response. We have uploaded some of the more relevant documents relating to this area here

Due to the large amounts of data associated with this application it has not been possible to publish everything on our website, all documentation can be viewed on the Network Rail website following the above link.

Objections, representations and letters of support can be made by anyone until 7 September 2018. These should be sent to:

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22:05, 27 Aug 2018 by Jemma Dyke
The Parish Council is in early discussions with East West Rail regarding height restriction barriers at the entrance of the community hall car park.
Over recent months, there have been instances of contractors working on behalf of East West Rail and/or HS2 parking in the community hall car park. It is hoped that by installing a height restrictor we will be able to stop larger unauthorised vehicles parking in the car park whilst works are taking place nearby. Initial proposals are a 6 metre barrier and additional posts to fill the width of the car park entrance in line with the back of the bus stop shelter. The barrier would allow cars and 4x4 vehicles but restrict access for vans and lorries, it could be fully opened with a key to ensure that anyone hiring the hall, who might have a larger vehicle, could still have access.
We are hoping to have this installed as soon as possible as we are already seeing contractors working in the area. The installation would be permanent and the Parish Council feels that this would be the best way to ensure that the car park is used appropriately both now and in the future.
If you have any comments, questions or concerns in relation to the installation of a height restriction barrier then please contact our Parish Clerk via our website as soon as possible.
20:45, 28 Mar 2018 by Jemma Dyke

Due to the rural nature of the area the EWR Alliance, like others, is having to use the existing highway network to deliver this scheme and we do understand that there will be inconvenience to local people caused by traffic to access the railway during the construction phase. We will seek to minimise disruption for local residents as much as possible during the construction phase. Whichever route we chose there would, inevitably, be a measure of disturbance to local people, however, as stated we shall be taking measures to curtail the inconvenience by taking reasonable measures.


You raised a number of comments which I address in turn below:


Need to know the arrangements / restrictions that will be imposed on the contractor to prevent them using the route through our village as it may suit them in the future

HGVs will be briefed to use the agreed routes. All construction phase mitigation measures will be undertaken under construction traffic management plans through the Code of Construction Practice. Should the application for the Transport and Works Act Order be successful, the agreement of the traffic management plan will be approved by the Local Planning Authority (in this case Aylesbury Vale District Council) in conjunction with the Local Highways Authority (Buckinghamshire County Council). At this stage I cannot say what is in the construction traffic management plan however we expect a high standard of vehicle and driver behaviour and obeying the speed limit is a legal requirement for all road users. During construction there will be a point of contact advertised to allow any concerns be raised to the project.


We suggest the Access road be relocated to run along the Northern Boundary as this would allow Green Lane to be maintained as a public amenity area during construction and would shorten the length of haul road so lessen the cost See Appendix 1

We have reviewed the position of the original access track as per your suggestion and I can confirm that we are able to move this to run to the north from the currently detailed access bell mouth then follow the south side of the railway and across Green Lane bridge into the A4 compound. We will need to maintain the position of the proposed bellmouth off Main Street rather than create the access entrance nearer to the Charndon overbridge (OXD/29) due to access / junction visibility requirements.


We also suggest the modifications to the junction and School Hill include the change of priority and provision of a level crossing to minimise the potential of children and HGVs coming together.

All construction phase mitigation measures will be undertaken under construction traffic management plans through the Code of Construction Practice. The Local Planning Authority (in this case Aylesbury Vale District Council) in conjunction with the Local Highways Authority (Buckinghamshire County Council) will review the proposed mitigations and comment on the adequacy of these.


We suggest that EWR and HS2 were able to work together so the bridge over the HS2 route was reconstructed first then all HGVs could be diverted from the village and remove the interface completely.

We are aware that the HS2 project will be closing Pond Road overbridge while they undertake their works. The two respective construction programmes do not align so we are not able to use the route you have suggested.


We would like to know the arrangements for the future and ongoing maintenance to avoid the potential of a future farmer returning it to arable land. Perhaps it could be Gifted to BBOWT for onward stewardship.

Network Rail will maintain the site for up to 30 years from the commencement of the lease with stewardship arrangements to be agreed with the landowner.


We can find no sign of any planned noise mitigation so do not know the impact but fear we will be left in the same position as the residents in Oxfordshire during phase 1.

Current assessments along the line between Bicester and Claydon Junction have identified a significant adverse effect at three properties at which mitigation will be considered in the form of noise insulation/secondary glazing to avoid significant adverse effects from airborne noise. There are no other significant adverse effects due to the set-back distance between the properties and the railway line hence no lineside noise mitigation is proposed along this stretch.


A full assessment of the impacts of the project on noise, air quality, ecology and other topics will be presented in the final Environment Statement, to be submitted with the Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) application.

20:38, 07 Mar 2018 by Jemma Dyke

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