Notice Board

You may be eligible for a payment if you live in the homeowner payment zone.

Who can apply

Your house or 25% of the total area of your property must be in the homeowner payment zone.

You must be the owner occupier of a residential, agricultural or commercial property.

An owner occupier must:

  • be the freeholder or a leaseholder with at least 3 years left on the lease
  • be living in or running a business from the property or have done so for at least 6 months in the last 18 months if the property’s currently empty
  • have bought the property before 9 April 2014 for Phase 1 and before 30 November 2015 for Phase 2a when the proposals for the homeowner payment were announced

Distance from line of the route                 Amount

Between 120m and 180m                             £22,500

Between 180m and 240m                             £15,000

Between 240m and 300m                             £7,500

08:42, 30 Sep 2017 by Jemma Dyke

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