We have been informed that there will be a road closure from the 21.1.19  - 17.2.19 which will affect residents of charndon.

Advanced works notice jan 19

12:37, 07 Jan 2019 by ALLY BALDWIN

Please may we ask residents and visitors to the village to refrain from parking on the Common Land areas within our Parish.

We are finding that there are vehicles being parked in these areas and it is affecting the land and restricting access.


Many thanks

11:41, 07 Dec 2018 by ALLY BALDWIN

The link contained in this news feed gives us the most up to date information relating to the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway.


On the 14th November, a representative from Charndon Parish Council will be attending a meeting to learn more information and put questions forward 

We will keep residents updated with news once we have it.


19:53, 19 Oct 2018 by ALLY BALDWIN