How to play

Scoring at bowls !!!! 


There are 8 players in a team, each game between 2 players is 21 up.
To score a point or chalk your bowl must finish closer to the jack then your opponent, if both your bowls are near to the jack than your opponents you score 2 points or chalks.
At the end of the games the captains enter all the scores on the score card, then total the aggregate for both teams and bonus points are awarded to the team with the highest aggregate.
The various leagues have there own bonus point for home or away ‘wins’ or ties in the aggregate.


Scoring at matches




All Catforth team have 8 players  Each player gets 1 point if he or she wins their game, after all the games are finished


the total ‘chalks’ for each team are added up and depending which league are playing in 2 or 3 points are added for a home win, and 3 or 4 points are added for an away win.