Hate Crime Champions


Are you interested in becoming a Hate Crime Champion?

Community Action Sutton along with the Safer Sutton Partnership have set up a Hate Crime Champions Network. The aim of the network is to raise awareness of hate crime in Sutton and to encourage as many of us as possible to be active in preventing and responding to hate crime where we see it and being prepared to listen and take action if people talk to us about hate crime they have experienced.

Find out more about becoming a Hate Crime Champion below.


What is a hate crime champion?

A hate crime champion is simply someone who wants to make a difference in either preventing hate crime or supporting people who have been victims


What do I have to do?

As a Hate Crime Champion there are three things that we need you to do. Firstly with support from us build your own awareness and confidence around hate crime. Secondly to be alert to hate crime and provide support to victims or potential victims, as well as joining in or initiating conversations about hate crime to raise awareness within our communities. Thirdly we would like to better understand what is going on in our communities and so becoming part of the Hate Crime Champions Network to share your experiences and to get support would really help.


Is there a time commitment?

The only real time commitment is to attend the Hate Crime Champions Network which we expect to take place maybe twice or three times a year


Will I get training and support?

You will get training and support both at the Hate Crime Champions Network meetings and through Community Action Sutton and our partners. We will also put on any specific training that you think could help you as a champion


If you are interested in becoming a hate crime champion contact Sara Thomas