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Decemeber 2016

Great news!
Our application for designation with the council has been processed, and our proposed Neighbourhood Area is now out for comments. The application is advertised on the council's website for at least 6 weeks, and is also sent to the council's list of statutory consultees, which is pretty huge.

The consultation closes on Monday 30th January. It would be great if members could write to the council in support of the Forum's proposed Neighbourhood Area. This could be just a very simple statement of support in principle, and welcoming the opportunity for local engagement in the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan, which will feed into the emerging Borough-Wide Local Plan when adopted.
the email address to send your very welcomed support is:

And, a fine example of the notices the council are placing around Canbury and Tudor wards:

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, our application will be a 2 stage process. Once the Neighbourhood Area receives approval (sometime in February hopefully), the application for our prospective Neighbourhood Forum as a qualifying body can then proceed and advertised for a minimum of 6 weeks. We will keep you updated as and when we receive further information. Once we are formally designated, we can get cracking on our Plan.

The council/Kingston Futures have just published a new pamphlet called 'Planning for Kingston's Future"
which outlines the next stages in the development of the new Borough-Wide Local Plan. This is available from libraries.
The proposed timeline for the production of the Local Plan can be found in the following link, with adoption in 2019:

Minutes of the 14th Forum Meeting, 30th November 2016:
Those in attendance at the meeting agreed on some small changes to the constitution as suggested by the council. Once these have been inserted into the original document, it will be placed on the website, and voted on at the next General Meeting.

Dates for your diary - 2017 Forum Meetings:
Wed 11th Jan - Hawker Centre, 7:30pm
Wed 22nd Feb - venue TBC
Wed 29th March- venue TBC
Wed 3rd May - venue TBC
Wed 14th June- venue TBC
Wed 19th July- venue TBC
Wed 6th Sept - venue TBC
Wed 11th Oct - venue TBC
Wed 15th Nov - venue TBC
Wed 6th Dec - venue TBC

All Saints Kingston - Topical lunches Spring 2017:
On Thurs 16th Feb, Viv Evans will be discussing: Kingston - what is going on around here?

New Website:
Glen has done a cracking job with the new website. Please spare a few moments to have a look, and if you have any suggestions or comments on future content or improvements, just let us know.
One really useful interface that Glen has installed is If you are considering a holiday and would like to use the service, just click on the link, and a percentage of the transaction is donated to the Forum. RAs and charities can make sufficient money via this route to help cover the registration charges to run their websites, so a very useful little earner!

New important Mayor of London documents
City for all Londoners: Sadiq Khan's vision for a better city for all Londoners

Homes for Londoners: A blueprint for how the Mayor can deliver the homes Londoners need

And that only leaves me to wish everyone a wonderful christmas, a fantastic new year and a big, big thank you to all those who have supported the Forum and donated their time so generously in 2016.
North Kingston Forum Chair.


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Would you like to get involved in the new North Kingston Forum (NKF)? This neighbourhood forum aims to "improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of North Kingston by engaging in the planning of the neighbourhood throughout the North Kingston Forum Area as provided for in the Localism Act 2011" and it offers local people an opportunity to help shape local development and have a say in how funds from development are spent locally.

It needs plenty of local support and commitment to get off the ground and working for us. CARA is represented in the Forum, but it also needs local residents, businesses and organisations to join and help shape our neighbourhood. You can meet other interested people and learn more about the neighbourhood forum at NKF meetings.

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