CARA to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

At the AGM in September 2016 it was unanimously agreed that CARA should become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, as proposed by the Committee, who submitted an application to the Charities Commission in August 2017. Hopefully there will be a response by October, before our next AGM..

Read the constitution for CARA CIO here and the associated CARA Rules click here  

This summer CARA Committee sent an application to the Charities Commission for CARA to become a CIO, following the direction agreed at the AGM in September 2016, as outlined below. The submission required a detailed respose to 30 pages of questions from the Commission. Due to pressure of work at the Commission it will be some weeks before we get a response, which we hope will come in time for our AGM in October 2017.

The following was set out for the CARA AGM in 2016.

The Committee has recognised that there would be benefits if CARA became an incorporated charity. At present CARA is an unincorporated association, with no legal existence other than through the individual members of the Committee. This presents some problems when trying to progress projects, as any purchase or contracting has to be done by an individual committee member. This would be overcome if CARA became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), which has the added financial advantage that most subscriptions and donations could be increased through “Gift Aid”.  

Becoming a CIO would entail complying with the Charity Commission’s requirements, but once the CIO has been established these requirements are not onerous. The Charity Commission has to approve the constitution of a CIO, so CARA Committee have drafted a constitution using the Commission’s ‘Association’ model, under which Members are entitled to vote on all important decisions. This new constitution reflects the current aims of CARA, in which “the objects of the CIO are:-

(1)  to promote the protection and enhancement of the environment and amenities within the Riverside Area of North Kingston (“The Area”) for the benefit of the local community, residents and users of the facilities within The Area;

(2)  to promote the involvement of residents in decisions about major changes or developments that might affect the local community, The Area environment or amenities within The Area;

(3)  to support community activities for the residents of The Area and users of The Area’s facilities.” 

 Several aspects of how CARA operates need to be specified in ‘CARA CIO Rules’ rather than the constitution. These rules may be changed by vote of the members, whereas a change in the constitution also requires approval by the Charities Commission. The Rules include such things as the level of annual subscription 

The Special Resolution to be put to CARA Annual General Meeting on 15th September 2016:  
That CARA Committee change CARA into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, using the Constitution and Rules as tabled at the AGM. 

The proposed constitution for CARA CIO and the associated CARA Rules will also be available for inspection at Canbury Pavilion from 7.00 until 8.00 pm on the 13th September and on the day of the AGM and at the CARA BBQ at Kingston Riverside Tennis Club on 11th September 2016.  

The Agenda for the CARA AGM on 15th September 2016 was notified in the CARA summer newsletter and an updated version is in the Events section of this website.