The Caledonian Hillwalking Club is a sociable walking group that goes out by coach on the 3rd Sunday of each month (2nd Sunday in December, followed by a Christmas meal). Occasionally, weekend meets and other events may be arranged. 

The programme for the year is proposed and agreed at the AGM and is based on suggestions from the committee and members, Most meets are to a particular area.. We also have “through walks”, where the starting and finishing points are miles apart, such as Jock's Road or the Lairig Ghru We don't have formal walk leaders, but ensure that everyone is walking in a group with experienced walkers to navigate the Scottish hills safely. Within each area route suggestions are offered, varying in difficulty from lower level walks to the more challenging summits. However, members are free to choose their own routes, subject to safety considerations and fitting in with the planned bus itinerary. We do ask that you are confident that you are fit enough to manage your chosen route within the available time.

Membership is available to anyone over the age of 16. If you are younger than this, we would expect you to be accompanied on the bus and on the walk by an adult who would be responsible for you. However, we also welcome guests on any meet, subject to availability of seats on the bus, and hope you will enjoy your day out on the hills enough to come back again and join us on a regular basis. 

If you want to go hillwalking with a friendly group, but are not sure whether it is for you, just call or email the President or Secretary for more information.





It is important to book for meets. Please contact the Meet Secretary by telephone 01382 322191 or phone/text 07933056296), or email preferably a week before the meet. Bookings can be made up to the day before, however you run the risk of the bus being full. Please cancel as soon as you know you cannot go but don’t call off on the day of the meet if it can be avoided. 

The meet book is passed around on return journeys, and you can put your name down for the next meet then. 


Everyone's name must be on one of the walks 

before departing the bus!


How Meets Are Run / Pick-up Points? 

Most meets start at 8 am, but there are two each year starting at 7 am to give a longer day out. Return times vary from about 6 pm in winter to about 9.30 pm in midsummer. 

The first pick-up/last drop-off point is at JP Coaches, OrchardbankIndustrial Estate, Forfar. The bus leaves here at the time given in the programme. For details of other pick-up points and times please see the separate sheet, visit the website or ask the Meet Secretary when you book. 

It is important to get to the pick-up points on time

 – the bus will not wait. 

Paying for meets?

Fares are collected on the outward journey by the Treasurer. The cost is typically around £17.00. There is a small extra charge for non-members – currently £2.00. Fares for those under 16 are normally half the adult fare. 

Choice of Walk

Either write your own name and route or add your name to an existing route in the Log Book which is passed round the bus on the outward journey. The time for getting back to the bus will be written on the Log Book for the main finishing places, as will the bus driver’s mobile phone number. If you carry a mobile phone please ensure you take a note of this number as it is an important means of contacting us (signal permitting) if there are unexpected issues about your return time. 

Most people travel as far as the bus goes, but you can start/finish your walk anywhere as long as it is on the bus route. If you want to finish somewhere else be sure to agree a pick-up place and time with the Meet Secretary. Finishing times vary from 3 pm to 6 pm, depending on the time of year. 

Its a good idea to think about where you want to walk before the day of the meet. Early on in the year the Club will try to provide more detailed suggestions for possible walks on each meet (which are graded to help those with less experience of hillwalking to be aware of what is involved in particular routes). No one should walk alone so you need to be aware that your first choice may not be an option, depending on what others want to do. There may be other options put down in the Log Book on the day which do not match anything on the information sheet. 



Everyone chooses his or her own route, and the Club does not appoint leaders or guides for any walk. This means that you must either have a map and compass and be competent enough at navigation to find your way, or arrange before starting the walk to go with someone who can navigate safely. 

If you come alone and/or are new to hillwalking, the Meet Secretary or other committee member can introduce you to others on the bus with whom you might like to team up. No one should walk alone. 

It is important to choose a walk which is within your capabilities and which you will be able to complete in the time allowed. How hard a walk is depends not only on the distance and how fit you are, but also on the amount of ascent, the terrain, whether or not there is a path, and the weather. Snow cover, rain, mist or strong wind can slow you down a lot. If conditions deteriorate, don’t be afraid to turn back or cut your route short - both to ensure your own safety and to make sure you’re back at the bus by the expected time. 

You should make every effort to get back to the bus on time but, if something has happened which might make you late, please decide in the group who will phone the bus driver to give up to date information about your expected arrival. Bear in mind you often obtain a better signal the higher you are. If you decide to extend a walk while on the hills, you should be sure it won’t make you late. 

Although the choice of walk is entirely up to individuals on the meet, typically there are about 3 or 4 different routes, including at least one high level route involving considerable ascent, and at least one low level route. Sometimes, particularly on the “through walks”, nearly everyone goes the same way, though not at the same speed! 

Return journey

On the way back to Dundee, the bus usually stops for about half an hour somewhere that has a chip shop and a pub. In certain circumstances the bus may travel straight home; every effort will be made to advise members before they start their walks if no stop is planned on the way home. 

What to take 

It is very important for your safety and comfort that you have suitable clothing, equipment and food and drink with you for your walk. Remember that higher up on the hills the weather can be very different from that down below. If you are unsure, there are many books on hillwalking which have lists of what you should take. We’d recommend at least walking boots, waterproof jacket and over trousers, hat and gloves, rucksack with liner and food/refreshments for your day on the hills, and a survival bag and whistle. A torch especially in winter (November-February) is a mustIts not a good idea to wear jeans. Some people carry extra gloves, hat and socks. Some people like to leave a set of clothes/footwear on the bus to change into after their walk just in case they get wet during their day out. 

The Club rules do not permit pets on any meet (except assistance dogs). 

Contact Addresses

The Secretary should hold a record for each member or guest of an emergency contact. This will usually be completed on your first outing and the information retained for future use. If you have not done this please ask the Secretary for a form. 




All walkers must accept that hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death and must accept these

 risks voluntarily and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.


The Caledonian Hillwalking Club accepts no liability for any personal injury or any loss of or damage to personal belongings on any of its meets.



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