Next Group Sessions:  Kindly note the variable start times due to the tides and a rare Saturday session!

- Saturday, 26 January 1:30-3:00PM, meeting at Small Profit Dock (near Nassau Road)

- Wednesday, 6 February 10:00AM-Noon, meeting point to be confirmed closer to the date

- Wednesday, 27 February 1:30-3:00PM, meeting point to be confirmed closer to the date

Please email in advance if you are a newcomer or if you are a regular needing to borrow equipment (e.g., litter pick sticks) to ensure sufficient supplies. Also, if you are new, please arrive 15 minutes early to collect your equipment and to discuss any queries about the health & safety briefing which we will have sent you in advance.


Meeting Points: We meet roughly every 2-3 weeks on a Wednesday morning  (if tides allow) and an occasional Saturday afternoon session. Meeting points have been: at Barnes Bridge, on Small Profit Dock (near Nassau Road), at the towpath end of Ferry Lane (adjacent to the Swedish School) or by the towpath bench on the Barnes side just west of Hammersmith Bridge. Please wear clothing you don't mind gettng dirty, sturdy footwear/wellies (no sandals) and waterproof gloves.

What do we find? Mid-July, 1000 plastic cups were pulled off the Small Profit Dock foreshore during a two-hour spur of the moment clean up by three members. Most recently, 120 plastic, glass and aluminium drinks bottles and cans were cleared from the Barnes Bridge to Mortlake stretch and recycled. Sadly, this was wilful littering, not tidal debris. Earlier in the year, 90 manhours were spent cleaning the 200m stretch from Barnes Bridge toward the White Hart Pub, yielding 35 bags of micro plastics washed ashore by the tide.

Why join us?

While many of us have been inspired by Sky's Ocean Rescue campaign and David Attenborough's Blue Planet, we need to look no further than our own patch of the river to see the impact of both wilful littering and debris washed up with the tides.

Please join us to make a difference. While litter picking is helpful, this is just the tip of the iceberg. What we really need is behaviour modification, which goes beyond the obvious the "Do Not Litter" message and emphasises recycling; actually USING less plastic and other non-biodegradeable packaging, and an awareness that "flushable" consumer objects put down the loo/drain often find their way into our Thames and onto our towpath. We also work with other entities to influence wider changes and enhance awareness through various initiatives, schemes and campaigns.

Finally, fresh air, good company and a sense of accomplishment are guaranteed during Barnes Tidy Towpath sessions.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Petra and Ann