September 2007

Newsletter no 72                                          


Welcome to the new look newsletter. Unfortunately, the couple who used to deliver the newsletter found that they were no longer able to continue doing so. Many thanks for your efforts over the years. I contacted the RUYS team who, in a marvellous display of public spiritedness, agreed to print the newsletter in their excellent booklet at below cost. Many thanks to the RUYS team for saving me from getting blisters and ensuring the regular future delivery of the newsletter.


Crime in Newcastle Area Command is down in all categories with Burglaries to dwelling houses reduced by 24.3% compared with the same period last year. Locally, between June and July, there was 1 theft of tools from a van on Melton Park. One vehicle was jacked up on Brunton Park and had it’s alloy wheels stolen. There has been a similar theft on the Great Park so clearly someone is targeting fancy wheels. If you own some then take care. I am pleased to say that there have been no burglaries at all on either estate during this period. I am aware that there have been a few incidents of anti-social behaviour in recent weeks. I understand some youths were arrested after tearing a street name off a wall on Brunton Park. Police were fortunately close by and able to detain them. Remember to ring 101 to report any incidents of disorder and police will deal with things as quickly as they can.


Graffiti has also been reported on Melton Park. If you find you are the victim of graffiti, please report the matter to the Police via the neighbourhood response manager by dialling 101. This will be passed to the Grafitti Fast Response Team who will attend to do a clean up.


General advice from the Neighbourhood Watch Association regarding avoiding being a victim of crime is worth repeating. When you have been shopping, place all items in the boot, out of sight. Try to make just one journey so that your purchases are not left unattended. When unpacking your car, lock and unlock the vehicle each time you go into the house. The same applies when you fill up at a petrol station. Never ever leave your keys in the ignition. Even while driving, keep valuables such as briefcases, handbags and mobile phones hidden from view. Lock doors and keep windows shut, or at least closed far enough to ensure someone cannot get a hand in.

If you see someone acting suspiciously, ring the police straight away. This could be someone walking around looking into cars or houses, collecting from door to door or even driving around. Get a description or a registration number if you can. You may save someone from being a victim of crime.


Dog Fouling has been reported on the grassed area outside the Melton Park shops. There can really be no excuse for taking the trouble to walk your dog but not taking a plastic bag with you to clean up after it. If a child was to ingest dog faeces, they could become blind. Does anyone really want that on their conscience. Let me be clear about this, not clearing up after your dog is a criminal offence. From walking my own dog, I have never yet come across any irresponsible dog owners and most have a visible plastic bag. However, Just the other day, I found a couple of separate piles on Polwarth Road. Just remember, anyone who does offend runs the risk of being invited to explain their lack of action to ‘Their Worships’ at Newcastle Magistrates Court.


Clearer House Numbers have been called for by paramedics in order to save vital minutes on 999 calls. We all hope that we will not have to call upon their services but I for one would like them to get to me as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. Even 1 minutes delay could have serious consequences. Is your number or house name easy to see?


Parking in the bays at Brunton Park shops has been raised. A proprietor has informed me that some local residents are driving from their houses, parking and getting the bus into Newcastle while their car occupies a bay for much of the day.   This proprietor believes that this is having a detrimental effect on business, with potential customers driving past when bays are full. Currently, there are not any time restrictions placed on parking there, although I have noticed that the Parish Council appear to have this on their agenda. Whilst this may not strictly be a neighbourhood watch matter, the shops and businesses are an integral part of the community and I am sure none of us would like to lose any of them.

The other side of the coin of course is that there is a fairly high proportion of elderly residents in the area, some of whom may find difficulty in getting to the nearest bus stop from their homes. All I can really say is, please be as considerate as you can. If you can park somewhere sensible which is close to the bus stop other than the bays, please do so.


You will see that I have included my e-mail address above. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail if you wish to pass on any information and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.


I would like to develop a website for the neighbourhood watch so that I can pass on information more quickly than in the newsletter. I recognise that many residents will not have internet access, so the newsletter will always continue as the primary communication. If there are any professional web designers out there who would be willing to volunteer their services, I would be delighted to hear from you.


Now, on to different matters and hopefully I can save you a few of your hard earned pennies. I hate costly 0870 numbers and try and avoid using them where I can, especially as my home and mobile contracts include local and national calls. For those of you who have the internet, there is a website called, This site gives alternative local landline numbers for most major organisations and also for some 0845 numbers as well. is worth a look. Members highlight shopping bargains wherever they find them and post them on the site. There are some major savings to be made here.


Finally, residents kindly contributed £454.00 as a thank you to Rex for his 20 years of service to the community. He has responded as follows:


Dear Neighbour.

I was most touched to receive a cheque, the proceeds of contributions to a fund in acknowledgement of my 20 years service to the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. It was certainly a very pleasant surprise for which I would like to say a big thank you to all who contributed so generously. I am glad to have served the community in some small way and that with your help it was so successful.

My very best regards to you all

Rex Chinnery