October 2012

Newsletter 92

Dear Neighbour

It has been a quiet quarter although there have been two crimes too many onBruntonPark.

Brunton Park.

June: - Nothing reported.

July: - Criminal damage to a pedal cycle at the junction of Polwarth         Drive and Princes Road between 6.15pm and 6.30pm on Monday 23rd July. Offender(s) have approached an unattended pedal cycle and used some kind of implement to puncture the tyres.

August: ­- Theft of motor vehicle between 10.30 pm on Saturday 25th August and 12.20 on Sunday 26th August. Offender(s) have approached an unattended vehicle (with a flat tyre!) at the rear of the shops onPrinces Road and stolen the vehicle.

Melton Park.

June: - Nothing Reported.

July: - Nothing reported.

August: - Nothing reported

In the immediate area, the only other crime of note was a burglary during early August onBridgePark, where the offender(s) have used a wheelie bin to climb onto a porch and entered the house through an insecure window.

Of the 3 crimes in the area, two were avoidable and they highlight the fact that most crimes are opportunist, not planned and can be prevented by making it difficult for the criminal by simple measures. In these cases, bringing the bike into the house and closing a window before leaving the house.

Dog Fouling

Once again, the issue of individuals allowing their dog to foul the streets has arisen, this time on BruntonPark. Now, whoever is responsible, you know who you are! Allowing your dog to foul the street is a criminal offence. There is no excuse whatsoever for not carrying a plastic bag to clear up the mess. If you forget, knock on someone’s door and ask for one. I am sure the resident will be only happy to oblige.

Toxocariasis is a rare infection caused by roundworm parasites (Toxocara). It is spread from animals to humans via their infected faeces.

Are you aware that, at worst, this can cause blindness? How would you feel if you caused a child to be infected? Do you actually care? My message is, ‘clear up or be prosecuted’.

Melton Parking

The parking bay onNewlands Avenue, just inside the entrance to the estate has become an issue. A number of large vans and other vehicles are parking at right angles to the pavement and are sticking out intoNewlands Avenue, causing an obstruction of the highway by preventing the free flow of traffic. The bay itself is clearly not deep enough to allow a vehicle to park in this way so why do drivers do it? Thoughtlessness: lack of consideration? Where do these vans come from and why do they park there?

This problem is also exacerbated by some individuals who do not seem to recognise that there is now a 20mph speed limit on our estates, others who have terrible difficulty in staying in their lane as they round the bend after entering the estate and others coming out of Bowfield Avenue who don’t seem to realise that they have to give way to traffic on Newlands Avenue.

This is an accident waiting to happen.

If this parking continues, registration numbers will be taken and passed onto the Police with a view to prosecution. Please park considerately.

Tips to keep your home safe: Keep windows and doors locked when you go out and even when you're at home. Take steps to ensure your home looks secure from the outside. If you go out in the evening, close curtains and set light timers. Consider fitting a letter-box cage to stop intruders reaching inside. Don't hide spare keys in the garage, shed or outside. If you store larger items such as bikes in a shed make sure it is secure, and use bike locks.

Remember - Even the best security won't deter thieves if you don'tLOCKTHE DOOR OR THE WINDOW.

With Kindest regards, Ian Peden.