October 2011

Newsletter 88

Dear Neighbour


Once again, crime remains low on our estates and in the surrounding areas although the burglary problem which I reported last quarter has continued.

Brunton Park.

June: - Nothing Reported.

July: - Burglary to garage between 30/6 and 01/7 inWestwood       Road where a trials bike was stolen.

August: ­- Nothing Reported.

Melton Park.

June: - Nothing Reported.

July: - Burglary to garage in Linwood Place on 9th July during the day.

August: - Burglary on 15th August at3.35pm in Linwood place. The offender removed an axe from the garden shed and used this to smash a patio window to gain access to the property.


Slightly further afield, there was a burglary on Greystoke in July followed by an attempted theft of garden furniture in August. There was a daytime burglary and a theft onWhitebridgeParkin June, followed by another house burglary in July.


Police are continuing to respond to this trend by carrying out extra patrols. Where there is no pattern however, it is difficult for them to effectively target the area which means they need our help. Please report any suspicious persons or activity to the police immediately


No Cold Calling Zone

Many thanks to everyone who called or emailed me to support this idea. I have been in touch with the head of Trading Standards, who feels the area is too large to administer such an initiative as apparently letters need to be sent to every resident to gauge support. I disagree with him and would be perfectly prepared to deliver them. I am endeavouring to progress the matter via two of our local Town Councillors, David Down and John Shipley, so if you would like to bombard them with messages of support for the proposal, I am sure that would not do any harm. Hopefully I will have some news by the time the next newsletter comes around.


Information Network

Again, thanks to those residents who have contacted me to volunteer to help with this. Your email addresses are now in a separate folder and I will be in touch when necessary.