October 2010

Newsletter 84

Dear Neighbour


Once again it has been quiet on the crime front, with just a handful of incidents reported.


Brunton Park

June: Sunday 20th - damage to front door on Great North Road.

A deception was perpetrated on an elderly resident when         unnecessary work was carried out to treat weeds on her drive. An investigation is ongoing.

July: Monday 5th – a lawnmower was stolen from a garden in Westwood Road.

Tuesday 27th – shelving was stolen from the Cooper 8 till 8 shop, entry being gained via the rear yard.

31st July – unattended unlocked pedal cycle stolen from outside shops.

August: Nothing recorded.


Melton Park

June: Nothing recorded.

July: Nothing recorded

August: Nothing recorded.

Slightly further afield, in Clarendon Mews in July, a pedal cycle which was secured to railings had a wheel stolen.


I have been asked to inform residents that there has been a bit of an epidemic of thefts from vehicles in other areas of Newcastle, caused by people carelessly leaving valuables such as Sat Nav’s, handbags etc on full display.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what attracts the opportunist thief who is always on the lookout for something to steal. If nothing is on display, the chance of somebody breaking into your car is extremely remote, so never leave items on show when you leave the car, especially any sat nav systems. This and the sat nav cradle should always be removed from unattended vehicles. Do not leave it hidden in the car, and clean the suction cup mark of the holder from the window.

In addition to the elderly lady who was taken advantage of by the criminals purporting to treat weeds, a similar incident took place on 8th September. On this occasion a van labelled ‘Lee Tree Services’ called at another elderly lady’s home telling her that a tree needed trimmed back, agreeing an outrageous fee of £240.00. These people are morally bankrupt.

Please, if someone calls at your door and tells you that any work needs done on your house or in your garden, send them packing. If you are unsure, ring the police or call me but do not let them into your house and do not agree any work with them. Reputable contractors do not tout for work by knocking on peoples doors.

It is timely then to remind you about ‘Anchor Staying Put’, who now have a range of services. In addition to the Trades Register, a list of fully vetted contractors covering most trades, they have a Small Repairs Service for people over 60 charging £5 per hour plus materials and a Gardening Service covering everything from a tidy-up to landscaping. Anchor can be contacted on 4956177.


I hope this gets to you in time for the on line meeting being held by Northumbria Police on Tuesday 5th October between 12-2pm and 6-8pm. Inspector Jan Harrison will be available to answer questions about local issues. To access this, visit the Gosforth and Great Park pages of the Northumbria Police website on the day to get the link. Jan would be delighted if as many people as possible used this service. Remember, if it is not reported, the police won’t know about it and can’t do anything about it. They are genuinely keen to respond to the issues we raise.

There were condensing combi boiler issues last Winter so if you can, put some insulating material round the outlets to stop the water freezing inside as this stops the boiler from functioning.

The next newsletter will be in 2011 so may I wish you and yours an early Merry Christmas.