October 2009

Newsletter 80

Dear Neighbour

I am pleased to report that we continue to experience low levels of reported crime.



June: Waterbury Road. Damage to boot of motor vehicle.

         Queensway. Theft of unattended pedal cycle from garden.

July:   Polwarth Road. Burglary to garage via open door.

August: (All on the same night). Great North Road. Steal from        

           insecure motor vehicle. Attempted house burglary via  

           insecure window House burglary, entry to house gained via  

           insecure garage.



June: No reported crimes.

July: Hazelmere Avenue. Attempted burglary. Unable to get

       Through locked patio doors

August: Newlands Avenue. Theft of unattended pedal cycle from


So, many of these incidents could have been avoided. Most of these crimes look to have been opportunist and could have been prevented by ensuring doors were locked or property secured.

Close by, in Clarendon Mews during June and July, locked pedal cycles were taken, one of which had the cable cut through. If you have a bicycle I would urge you to buy an appropriate lock for it that will resist bolt cutters and secure it to a fence or post, even if you are just popping into a shop for a moment. Remember, and this applies to all crimes, make it difficult for the criminal and they will look for easier pickings elsewhere



Our neighbourhood team has expanded and now consists of ten constables and 5 community support officers. The team is headed by Inspector Ronnie Lowes supported by Sergeants Chris Patten and Mark Sutcliffe who has just replaced Paul Rae upon his retirement after 30 years service. We wish Paul well in his new life without a warrant card and welcome Mark, who I am informed is a replacement of the highest calibre. The constables are Chris Wilson, Paul Alderson, Steve Jones, Barry Gibson, Craig Foster, Dave Watson, Aidan Hall, Matt Hough, Des Simpson and Chris Brooks. The CSOs are Mark Dyer, Stephanie Carr, Darren Atkinson, Richard Carter and Neil Carberry. The team can be contacted by e-mail on newcastle.npt@northumbria.pnn.police.uk or a message for them can be left by telephone on 03456 043043. Under the terms of the policing pledge, if you leave a message, someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Obviously, in an emergency, use the 999 system

UNWANTED TELEPHONE CALLS. I imagine many of you will have been plagued by recorded messages offering debt advice etc, etc over recent months. I usually just put the phone down then discovered by accident that, by listening to the message to the end, I was sometimes given the opportunity to opt out of future calls. Additionally, I have found that by registering with the Telephone Preference Service, the number of sales type calls I have received has reduced dramatically.

You can register online only at www.tpsonline.org.uk

If you don’t have access to the internet, ask someone who has if they will do it for you. It is simply a matter of having your telephone number entered into the appropriate page on the website.

ENERGY SAVING BULBS. It appears that not all bulbs are safe to use in conjunction with either dimmer switches or electronic timers (mechanical timers are ok). A neighbour contacted me to tell me about a bulb which had exploded because of it’s incorrect use. Please read the labelling which will tell you whether the bulb can be used in this way or not.   By the time this newsletter reaches you, Autumn will have arrived. Please remember if you are out after dark to leave a light on, and use a timer (with the right kind of bulb!) to make it look as if the house is occupied. Remember, take some care with your property, lock doors and windows and you can avoid being a victim of crime.