October 2008

Newsletter no 76







 A resident, recently widowed, received a letter from a person calling themselves

Anthony Chinn. The letter contained a Singapore telephone and fax number

but no address. It indicated that she may be in a position to inherit some of

a multi-million dollar estate and invited her to contact Mr Chinn. She was not

to be conned however and the matter is now in the hands of the Police. I

strongly suspect that either of the numbers are of the premium rate variety or

Chinn would have requested a hefty advance payment for investigating the

potential inheritance.

 The Royal George




Whilst it would be inappropriate to turn this newsletter into an advertising

vehicle, it is clear that regular patrons of the George may be missing their

regular tipple. For those people who are interested in somewhere quiet and

civilised to go to, the City of Newcastle Golf Club may be right up your street

(excuse the pun). Social membership is a mere £20 per annum and the club

secretary can be contacted on 285 1775. The clubhouse is very pleasant and

the club has it’s own chef. The prices of food and drink are very reasonable,

with a 10% discount on beverages for members. Additionally, the club has

regular functions and winter activities such as a weekly quiz. I understand

that a number of residents have made the move already and I am assured

that the club will warmly welcome more new applicants. The club also has it’s

own website and membership application forms may be downloaded from


Please feel free to contact me by telephone or e-mail if you have any information

or need any advice about anything. I am happy to pass on any local issues

to my colleagues in the force.

Reported Crimes June - August

Brunton Park

A wheelie bin was stolen from Arden Avenue. There was damage to a house

in Davenport Drive, a car in Waterbury Road and the telephone box in Princes


Melton Park

A manhole cover (oops sorry, inspection cover!!) was removed from Park

Drive, probably In response to rising scrap metal prices. A car was stolen

from Easedale Avenue and a van parked in Newlands Avenue had it’s spare

wheel stolen.

This is an exceptionally low rate of crime and, although distressing and annoying

for the victims, continues to show just how safe our estates are.

Neighbourhood Helpline

 I have a number of business cards with these details on so, if anyone wants

The Council has introduced a neighbourhood helpline to deal with the following


• noise nuisance

• smoking in enclosed public spaces

• sale of alcohol to under 18s

• broken street lights

• rubbish, litter or fly-tipping

• dog fouling

• abandoned vehicles, vandalism and graffiti.

The contact number is 0300 1000 101, lines are open 24 hours a Day and calls

are charged at the local rate.


 a card to leave beside their telephone, please let me know. I also have limited

numbers of UV security marker pens for postcoding your televisions etc and

some neighbourhood watch window stickers.