November 2013

Current Newsletter November 2013

Newsletter 95

Dear Neighbour

This newsletter encompasses 4 months as I did not have time to do this at the usual time. All in all it has, thankfully, been pretty quiet.



June: - Nothing reported

July: -Nothing reported

August: ­- An elderly lady authorised some work to be done on her roof and paid for it. However, when checked, only a minimal amount of work had been done. The accused has been arrested and bailed pending a survey and CPS decision.

September:- Cannabis farm discovered after a male who was renting a flat had bypassed the electricity meter and then ‘converted’ two bedrooms.

In addition, on Monday 16th, one of the Perspex panels in the bus shelter on Polwarth Drive was damaged.


June: - Nothing reported

July: - Theft from Park Drive on Monday 8th, when offenders lifted the canvas cover of a boat on a driveway and stole fishing equipment and life jackets from within.

August: - Nothing reported.

September: - Nothing reported.

I am delighted to see that the police are continuing to take the intermittent problem of cold calling builders who are con-men, seriously.

No matter who calls at your door to tell you that your ridge tiles need pointed etc, etc and no matter how genuine they seem, politely say no thank you. If you are concerned that work might need to be done, contact a local recommended builder to come and have a look.

By the time this is published, we will be into November and heaven knows what the weather may have in store for us.

There have been condensing combi boiler issues each Winter, so if you can, put some insulating material round the outlet pipes to stop the water freezing inside them, as this blocks the pipes and stops the boiler from functioning.

Winter High Spirits.

Last Winter, some youngsters thought it amusing to throw icy snowballs at cars. Parents, please ask your offspring not to do this. Apart from the shock of an unexpected object hitting a car and possibly causing a driver to lose control with potentially serious consequences, this behaviour could cause damage to panels and windscreens. This in turn could result in arrest and even charge and we don’t want that.

Speed Limits.

May I once again remind residents that the MAXIMUM speed limit on every road on our estates is 20 MPH!

Whilst walking back from the Post Office the other day, I was surprised by the number of cars on Polwarth Drive who were clearly exceeding this, in their apparent hurry to get somewhere quickly.

Drivers should also realise that straddling the speed humps will cause premature wear to tyres.

Cold Callers/Bogus Officials.

It appears that some company or other is ringing homes and offering to fit a device which will prevent cold calling (there is something strangely ironic about that!!) and saying that they will charge a small monthly payment thereafter. Fortunately, the lady they spoke to had her wits about her and turned down their offer. My own feeling is they were just using this as a ruse to gain access to the property in the manner of bogus officials. The Police have had no such reports. Such devices are available to buy, costing £40.00 or so but I have no idea whether they are effective or not.

My own experience is that registering with the Telephone Preference Service has reduced the number of calls which I receive.

This will be the final newsletter of the year, so may I wish one and all a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous and crime free New Year.

Ian Peden