July 2013

Newsletter 94

Dear Neighbour

BruntonPark has borne the brunt of the criminal’s interest this past quarter.


March: - Burglary between 9pm on Thursday 28th February and 2am on Friday 1st March in Arden Avenue. Offenders gained entry to a garage via an unlocked door but stole nothing.

Burglary between 6pm on 28th February and 7am on 1st March in Queensway. Offenders entered the rear garden, then opened an unlocked garage door, stealing a pedal cycle from within.

Criminal Damage between 6pm on Friday 22nd March and 08:30 on Monday 25th March at Croft Vets, Davenport Drive. Offenders entered rear yard and damaged the wooden post of a porch.

April: - Theft between midnight on Saturday 30th March and midnight on Saturday 6th April in Grenville Drive. Offenders entered rear garden and stole compost and planters.

May: ­-Criminal Damage between 9am and 9pm on Friday 24th May in Greenfield Road. Offenders approach front bay window and use instrument to smash lower window pane.

Criminal Damage on Thursday 30th May at 11.30pm at St Aidans Community Centre. Offenders cause substantial damage to wooden panel, possibly by kicking football against it.



March: - Nothing reported.

April: - Nothing reported.

May: - Nothing reported


A disappointing 6 crimes reported on BruntonPark, two of which may well have been avoided if doors had been secured. The police have asked me to highlight the fact that there have been a number of thefts of pedal cycles from sheds and garages. They have also asked me to ask residents to have bikes post coded, (they didn’t say where it could be done) or, at the very least, make a note of the serial number and description, so that if it is stolen it has a chance of being identified. Cyclists should also register their bike's frame number with the national property register at www.immobilise.com

This register applies to all kinds of property.



It appears that some residents are still not aware that the speed limit on our estates has changed. 20mph is now the maximum. Exceeding this really isn’t going to get you back to your front door any more quickly but sticking to 20 could be the difference between a minor and a fatal injury to a pedestrian or pedal cyclist.



Some cyclists seem to think that it is ok to cycle 2 abreast and hold up faster moving traffic. It is not. What you are doing is the same as someone driving at 25 on a motorway. You are causing an unnecessary obstruction and could be prosecuted for it. When there is a car behind, have some consideration and drop back to single file to let the car past. When you can go as fast as a car, then you can take up as much space on the road. All you are doing is frustrating motorists and giving the rest of us cyclists a bad name.



Two items here. Firstly, will the person walking their dog on Brunton park who thinks it is ok to put bags of faeces in someone else’s bin, please stop this practice. Put it in your own bin when you get home or one of the public bins in the area.

Secondly, this is for the person on MeltonPark who has adopted the practice of putting their dog in the garden when they go out. Do you know what your dog does? Yes, it barks and barks and barks.

Please stop it.


Best wishes for a crime free summer. Please remember to lock up and don’t leave any property lying around for the criminal to make off with.


Ian Peden.