July 2011


Newsletter 87

Dear Neighbour


I am delighted to report that crime remains low on our estates and in the surrounding areas although a specific burglary problem raised it’s head temporarily.

Brunton Park.

March: - Nothing Reported.

April: - Nothing Reported.

May: ­- Nothing Reported.

Melton Park.

March: - Nothing Reported.

April: - Nothing Reported.

May: - Burglary in Summerhill Avenue on 12th May. Entry gained via the rear of the property between11.30 am and6 pm.


There were offences of burglary on 21st March in McCracken Close, in Heathery lane on 27th April, in Melmerby Close on 10th May, in East Brunton Farm Cottages on 17th May and in Fencer Court on 18th May. Most of these involved entry via the rear of the premises during the day so those of you with properties which back onto the racecourse or any other open land where offenders can get access need to be extra vigilant. It is believed that sheds were entered to get the implements used to force entry to the houses, so please securely lock your sheds. Police are responding to this trend by carrying out extra patrols. Please report any suspicious activity to the police immediately


Annoying Phone Calls/Door to Door Salespeople.

At least one resident has been pestered by someone offering to invest money on their behalf and I regularly get calls telling me that I may have a virus on my computer. In fact this is a scam and the caller wants access to my computer so they can put viruses on it and then charge for the removal don’t have the space here to explain exactly what to do but you can find out by accessing the website at this address :-


I have also had complaints about the attitude and manner of offenders who have been recently released from prison and who are trying to sell door to door. This information has been passed to the police but I have discovered that we can apply to make our estates a ‘No Calling Zone’ which would prohibit cold calling. Obviously, I would need to back up any application with the support of residents so, if you would like me to follow this up, please email me or give me a ring so I can gauge the level of support for this idea.


Information Network

It has occurred to me, particularly in light of the recent burglaries, that it would be desirable to pass urgent information to residents much more quickly than is possible at the moment. Ideally, I would like to recruit a group of individuals who would be prepared to pass information on quickly to neighbours who don’t have the internet.   I would also like to add the email addresses of any residents who are willing to my address book, so if the police tell me something important, I can send you an email straight away. If you would like to be part of this, please let me know

.Criminals Jailed

4 men from Darlington who cold called elderly persons in this and other areas offering to do building work, taking the money and then vanishing, have been caught and finally sentenced. The ringleader got 27 months in prison while his no 2 got 20 months. It is good to know that our local officers take this kind of thing very seriously.


I have a supply of security marking pens for postcoding your property. If you would like one, please let me know and I will drop one off.

It is approaching holiday time so, if you are going away, or are even just out for the evening, get a timer set up so a light comes on. Ask a neighbour or friend to open and close your blinds/curtains and collect post so the house looks occupied.

Best wishes to all residents for a crime free Summer.