July 2009

Newsletter no 79                                          

Dear Neighbour.


Reported Crimes, March - May

Brunton Park

March - Attempted house burglary on Polwarth Drive by breaking a garage door window. No entry gained due to burglar alarm activation.

Damage to car wing mirror on Polwarth Drive.

April – Car on Princes Road damaged by having eggs thrown at it and aerial snapped off.

May – nothing recorded.


Melton Park

March – Nothing recorded.

April – House burglary overnight on Kingsley Avenue. Entry via conservatory window. Garage burglary on Beech Close. Car had window smashed overnight on Easedale Avenue.

May – Nothing recorded.

The benefits of having a burglar alarm are clearly self explanatory. Once again I urge residents to ensure doors and windows are locked as the opportunist thief will always be on the lookout for easy pickings. Make it difficult and it is unlikely you will become a victim.


Disreputable Builders

Sadly, some residents have fallen prey to ‘builders’ knocking on their doors and telling them that work needs to be done which probably did not. If someone calls at your door and tells you that your ridge tiles need pointing etc, etc, tell them you have your own builder and, if you are concerned that work may need to be done, feel free to give me a call and I will help where I can. Please do not agree to allow these individuals to start any work on your property as they will over charge and their work is likely to be shoddy.


Midnight Callers

A number of residents experienced telephone calls in the early hours one morning but found when they answered the phone that there was no-one on the other end which caused some concern. Many thanks to a resident who contacted BT and discovered that this was probably a foreign company attempting to use an automated sales canvassing system, set up for the wrong time zone. Fortunately, it appears that there was no sinister reason for the calls.


Visual Impairment

Many residents will have noticed that a number of crossing areas for the visually impaired exist in the area. These consist of lowered kerbs with tactile blister paving which provides a warning to people with visual impairments that a footway ends and a carriageway begins. It is vital that these paving stones remain unobstructed by cars or other objects for the safety of others.


Local Youths

I was driving into Melton Park at the beginning of May around 10pm

when I saw two youths on the pavement walking down Newlands Avenue. One of the youths had a pointed object in his hand and was waving it in my direction in an aggressive manner whilst staring at me. I stopped the car and they bolted. This youth, who was all of maybe 13 or 14, was wearing a light coloured tracksuit which had dark shoulders. I am led to believe he lives on Brunton Park. I wonder if his parents will read this and recognise the tracksuit? No one really knows what their offspring get up to and we all hope they will behave but it is likely to be the case that not all local children are angels. There have been problems at the Community Centre with youths endangering themselves by climbing on to the damaged roof via the scaffolding. The Scout Hut fence at the rear has been vandalised and used for firewood. The youth who pointed the object at me was lucky that it was me and not someone with a violent disposition. He could easily have been a candidate for summary justice if he had antagonised the kind of person that I have had to deal with in my professional capacity over the years.