July 2008

Newsletter no 75


Brunton Park:

a window was damaged at the Church during March while 3

cars suffered damage, two on Davenport Drive and one on Greenfield Road.

Milk was stolen on one occasion from a house on Greenfield Road during April.

Melton Park:

a house in was burgled on 10th March during the morning via


Avenue from Bowfell Avenue that, if they do not already do so, they must give

way to traffic on Newlands Avenue. The give way markings are clearly in

evidence and should be obeyed at all times.


There have been issues with some of the youths who play football

on the grassed area just inside the entrance to Melton Park. Balls have been

regularly kicked off the walls of elderly residents and also bounced off the

windows of the hairdressers. It is suspected that this is sometimes deliberate.

At the moment there are no signs in place preventing the playing of ball games

but if this nuisance persists, there is the possibility of a ban. I am told that at

night, youths run across the garages and flat roofs at the rear of the flats

causing a further nuisance. I would urge parents to make sure they know

exactly where their children are and ensure that they behave correctly and

show respect for the other residents. In a recent incident, obscene drawings

were made in chalk on the pavement. I am pleased to say that our local PCSO

dealt with the matter swiftly and effectively, identifying the youth responsible

and dealing with him in the presence of his parents. The fact is, no matter how

respectable your background, you can never be 100% sure what your children

are up to.

As the nights have got lighter and the weather improves (I hope), more youths

are out playing on their bikes. This is great exercise but, as parents, please

ensure your children know how to ride responsibly. One lady contacted me

in some distress as she had a near miss with one young man who swerved

in front of her car. I am sure none of us want to hear of anyone being knocked

down. As a reminder to motorists, there is no reason to be travelling any faster

than 20 mph on either of the estates.


the rear garden and a small bathroom window

I have been asked to remind residents of Melton Park who access Newlands