January 2012

Newsletter 89

Dear Neighbour


Once again, crime remains low on our estates with only 3 reported crimes over the last three months.


Brunton Park.

September: - In Polwarth Drive, a male offered to cut a resident’s hedge, took a deposit, asked for a bucket of water and was gone with the money when the resident returned.

October: - Nothing Reported.

November: ­- 1. Between 4.45pm on Tuesday 22nd and 10am Wednesday 23rd inPolwarth Drive, theft of wheel trims.

                     2. Between 7.30pm and 7.44pm on Saturday 26th, attempted burglary of a house onGreat North Road. Offender has gained access to garden, removed a fork and spade from a greenhouse, climbed onto the garage roof and used these implements to try and force entry. The offender was disturbed and made off.


Melton Park.

September: - Nothing Reported.

October: - Nothing Reported.

November: - Nothing Reported.


I am delighted to report that the male who took the resident’s money was caught and subsequently sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, having admitted a number of similar offences across the North East. The message here, (which I keep banging on about) is, never ever ever agree to work being done by someone who knocks on your door. No matter what they say to try and persuade you, say no thanks firmly but politely. If they are offensive or threatening, phone the police. If you are concerned because they tell you that work needs done urgently, contact someone reputable for an independent opinion. Additionally, never let anyone into your home unless they have proper identification and you are happy that you know who they are. No-one who carries identification will have any issue about you asking to see it.


No Cold Calling Zone

Having got Councillor Lord Shipley on our side, I have spoken with the Parish Council and I am glad to report that the members also support the idea. Councillor Shipley wishes to address the matter at a Ward meeting and the head of Trading Standards is fully aware of where we stand, so I will keep plugging away at the matter.


Security of Tools/Garden Implements

The incident onGreat North Road(and previous burglaries with a similar modus operandi), highlights the need to keep such items secure in a shed or garage. Please make sure however that any shed has a good quality lock to prevent easy access and that your garage is locked when you are in or out.


Christmas/New Year

Our local officers are mounting an operation involving high profile patrols at theBelvedereRetailParkand Gosforth High Street called ‘Operation Christmas Cracker’. Please remember to remove valuables/presents from view in vehicles and store them out of sight in the boot.

Please also remember to have a timer switch in use ready to come on when it gets dark if you are going to be out. Try and make your home look as if it is occupied. Ask a neighbour to shut curtains for you whether you are just away for 1 day or going on holiday. I have attended burgled homes on Christmas Day and it is most distressing for the occupants. Burglars don’t rest, will look for the easy option and will not be likely to try and break in if they think there is someone at home. If you are going to be away on holiday or if you are at work, ask a neighbour to bring your bin in. A bin on the street is a clear signal that a house may be temporarily unoccupied. Finally, my best wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas and a crime free, happy and prosperous New Year.

Ian Peden.