January 2009

Newsletter no 77

Brunton & Melton Parks Neighbourhood Watch - Page 1

A merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to all residents

and their families.

Reported Crimes September – November

Brunton Park

Three broken windows, one at the Scout Hut and two on Greenfield Road.

These were all caused by stones being thrown and occurred during the late

afternoon and evening.

A bicycle was stolen during the day from Westwood Road and a go-kart

was also stolen from the same location whilst the owners were on holiday.

A car parked on Princes Road was damaged by a football.

Lastly, one resident got up one morning to collect their milk, only to find

someone had already drunk half the bottle.

Melton Park

No crimes reported

Scam Update

You may recall that in the last newsletter I described the letter from Singapore

to a lady informing her that she might be in a position to inherit a multi-million

dollar estate. Another resident has received similar e-mails, one purporting

to come from the managing director of the Honk Kong and Shanghai Bank.

It transpires that this is a common activity. Correspondence will continue

for a while until, just before you are due to receive your fortune, you will be

asked for a substantial fee to cover so called up front costs and administration

charges. This is of course needed to release the money. Needless to say,

this is the last you will ever hear from them.

New Old Scam

An elderly lady on Brunton Park was targeted by two heartless individuals

who called at her house and told her that her chimney was about to collapse

and fall through her roof. They said they were working nearby and could

fix it but the cost would be £500.00. Fortunately, this lady had the good

sense to call a neighbour and a reputable local builder, who had recently

done work on her roof, came out to inspect it. He was able to say that it

was in perfect order. This pair had left a flyer with her which had the name

Dixon on it and two phone numbers. The police have made enquiries and

it transpires that it relates to a builder from Cheshire who has denied ever

being in this area. I spoke with Joe Dixon who advertises his building firm

in our newsagent’s window and who was concerned that with the surnames

being the same, people may think he had something to do with it. I am

completely confident that he did not.

I suspect that the criminals had picked up the flyer elsewhere, saw Joe’s

van and decided to try it on. Please never ever accept the word of anyone

you do not know who calls unannounced and tells you that there is some

kind of problem with your property. Reputable builders just do not engage

in that kind of practice. Just say ‘No Thanks’ and call the police immediately.

Crime Side Effects of the Credit Crunch

It hasn’t happened here yet but there is the possibility of a rise in crime

caused by the economy getting into difficulty and people losing their jobs.

Please remember to lock doors and windows, not just when you are out but

when you are in as well. It only takes a thief a few seconds to get in and

back out again and the dark nights make us all more vulnerable.

Age Concern

Age Concern has lots of leaflets available which contain useful tips. Examples


Living well in your neighbourhood, Living well in your home,

Your guide to healthy living and Winter wrapped up.

They can be obtained by ringing 0800 009966. If you have access to the

internet, their website has a benefits checker to allow you to see if you are

Help with care in your home