August 2014

August 2014

Dear Neighbour

I am pleased to report that things have quietened down again after the previous quarter’s crime increase.


April: Nothing reported.

May: Burglary to a shed, between 4pm on 9th May and 9am on 10th May in Princes Close, where offenders entered a secure rear garden and forced entry. Nothing was stolen.

June: Nothing reported.



April: Nothing reported.

May: Nothing reported.

June: Nothing reported.

There has been a recent burglary to a property in Fencer Court so, as this is the holiday season, even if you are only away for a short time, please remember to ensure that your property is secure with the alarm set and timers on lights to come on at the appropriate time. If you can, get a neighbour to come in and draw curtains and keep an eye on the letterbox/doorstep to ensure there are no signs that you are away on holiday. This is exactly what the opportunist burglar is looking for and you can save yourself a lot of pain by protecting yourself and by implementing these simple practices.


NO Cold Calling Zone.

At last, we are now such a zone. Many thanks to Robin Ashby for pushing for this after I was told it was not possible by the Council Trading Standards department. All residents will have received a letter from the Council explaining procedures and supplying a sticker to put in a prominent place. While having a walk around MeltonPark the other day, I noted that many residents have displayed the stickers but many have not. If you have not done so yet, please display it so that people get the message. Hopefully this will deter the aggressive salespeople who are pretending to be recently released convicts on a scheme set up by the Probation service. This is a scam as there is no such scheme, so please do not fall for it and buy their vastly overpriced merchandise. If such an individual does call at your door, politely tell them that you don’t need anything, make them aware of the No Cold calling Zone sticker, then call the police who should come and deal with them. If you are concerned about potential repercussions, you do not have to provide police with your name and address, just let them know what is happening and where.

Please report any suspicious persons or vehicles by using the non emergency number, 101. In an emergency of course, 999 should be used.



May I remind some residents who enjoy listening to loud music on a sunny day with all the doors and windows open, that your neighbours may neither share your musical tastes nor the volume levels! Please be considerate in everything you do.



Most dog walkers pick up after their dog but occasionally, someone does not. Please remember that it is an offence not to clear up and someone will see you and report you. Additionally, once you have cleared up, place the waste in a public bin or take it home to put in your own. Please do not think it is ok to dump it in someone else’s bin.



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