April 2013

Newsletter 93

Dear Neighbour

It has been a disappointingly busy quarter with 9 crimes reported between our estates.


December: - Nothing reported.

January: - Burglary, between 5pm on Saturday the 5th and 10am on Sunday the 6th in The Fairway, where offenders have entered an insecure garage and stolen items from an unlocked motor vehicle.

The Police have made arrests and enquiries are continuing.

February: - Criminal Damage, between 5pm on Tuesday 5th and 6.45pm on Tuesday 12th, where unknown offenders have damaged a wall at Croft Vets, causing it to become unstable.

Burglary,between 9pm on Thursday 28th and 2am on Friday 1st March, where offenders have gained access to an insecure garage in Arden Avenue by pushing the doors open and entering. Nothing stolen.

Burglary, between 6pm on Thursday 28th and 7am on Friday 1st March, where offenders have entered a rear garden in Queensway, entered an insecure garage and have stolen a pedal cycle.


December: - Burglary in Easedale Avenue, between 3pm on Friday 14th and 3pm on Saturday 15th where offenders have broken into a shed by pulling off the hinges. Nothing stolen.

Burglary in Easedale Avenue, between 5pm on Friday 14th and 9.30am on Saturday 15th where offenders have broken into a shed by forcing off the lock and hasp and have stolen a spade and petrol strimmer.

January: - Burglary in Easedale Avenue between 10.30pm on Saturday 5th and 8am on Sunday 6th where offenders break into a shed by forcing the lock. Nothing stolen.

February: - Theft in Newlands Avenue, between 10am on Friday 1st and 11am on Monday 11th when offenders entered a driveway and removed a children’s slide.

Criminal Damage, between 3.15pm on Monday 11th February and 8.05am on Tuesday 12th, when offenders have scratched 3 shop windows.


So, we have had 6 burglaries, 1 theft and 2 offences of criminal damage. I am afraid that the 3 garage burglaries look as if they were avoidable, simply by ensuring that the garages were locked.

Likewise with the theft. Leaving anything lying out in view is asking for trouble. Please lock up at all times.


Rex Chinnery.

Newer residents may not have heard of Rex but he is the man who started the neighbourhood watch in this area. It was so successful in reducing crime, that he was paid a visit by the Home Secretary of the time. His organisation was held up as the best of its kind in the whole country. Sadly, Rex has passed away after a short illness and I would like to say a public thank you on behalf of all residents for all he did for the area and also pass on our condolences to his widow, Doreen. He was a fine man and a great organiser, who willingly gave his time to help others.


Overpriced Builders.

A resident was recently cold called and parted with a huge sum of money to have some roofing work done. Please, if someone calls at your door telling you that work of any sort need’s to be done, ask them to leave and get an opinion from a recommended local builder. Reputable builders do not operate like this. If anyone wants a ‘No Cold Calling’ poster please let me know and I will email it so you can print it off, or deliver it if you don’t have a printer.


Shed Burglaries.

The shed burglaries on MeltonPark highlight that we are getting close to Spring, a traditional time for this sort of offence to be committed. Please ensure that your shed has a good lock, not something that can be easily jemmied off or store valuable equipment in a locked garage.

Kind Regards

Ian Peden.