April 2012

Newsletter 90

Dear Neighbour


Whilst crime remains low onBruntonPark,MeltonParkwas hit with 5 burglaries/attempted burglaries, all with similar Modus Operandi.


Brunton Park.

December: - Nothing Reported.

January: - Damage to motor vehicle on Polwarth Drive between Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd, where the offender has thrown a stone at the rear windscreen causing it to break.

February: ­- Nothing Reported.


Melton Park.

December: - 3 house burglaries, 1 attempted burglary.

1: Between 21st and 27th inFerndale Avenue where offender jemmied the bottom panel of a patio door with a chisel causing the glass to smash to gain entry. Offender attempted to jemmy internal doors without success before leaving. Nothing was stolen.

2: Between 23rd and 27th in Heathfield Place, where offender climbed over a garage roof gaining access to rear of property by forcing a door. 2 internal doors were forced to gain access to the living room and items were stolen.

3: Between 28th and 31st December, where offender has used an implement to remove a glazed panel from the rear door, then stolen items from inside the premises.

4: Between 27th December and 1st January inNewlands Avenue, where offender entered rear garden, entered insecure shed, then removed a punch bag which was used to smash the glass in a rear patio door. No access was gained.



January: - Attempted Burglary between 2nd and 6th inHartside Place, where offender entered rear garden and used an item to damage the glass patio doors. Access was not gained.

February: - Assault onGreat North Road near Northern Rugby Club where there was an altercation between the driver of a car and some youths. The driver of the car punched a 16 yr old youth. Offender was identified and dealt with by police.


Our local officers increased patrols dramatically as the burglary incidents were uncovered. The police did arrest individuals following the burglaries onMeltonParkas a result of these patrols. Although there was insufficient evidence to prefer charges, it appears to have done the trick and there have been no further similar offences since theHartside Placeincident.


I have been asked by the police to remind residents to lock windows and doors and report anything suspicious. It is also a good idea to take photographs of any valuable items that you own in case of theft or loss so you can let police know what they are looking for and also prove ownership to your insurance company.


20 MPH Speed Limit.

May I remind residents that the maximum speed limit on each estate is now 20 miles per hour. I have noticed that some residents do not seem to be aware of this. Please stick to the limit to keep our streets safe and to ensure that the council do not consider further traffic calming measures.


No Cold Calling Zone.

I am no further forward with this unfortunately. The head of Trading Standards says that the estates are too large to administer such a scheme (I disagree). I will continue to plug away at this one.


Locks in UPVC Doors.

Some of you may have heard about the burglaries in theWest Midlandswhere offenders were able to ‘snap’ the locks. This is more or less unheard of in this area. However, if you are concerned, drop me an email and I can provide you with further information from the Crime Prevention Officer.

Ian Peden.