April 2011

Newsletter 86

Dear Neighbour


I am delighted to report that crime remains low on our estates and in the surrounding areas.

Brunton Park.

December: -Polwarth Crescent. Burglary to dwelling house where     car keys were taken. This was followed by theft of the vehicle.

January: -Clayworth Road. Criminal Damage. Offender arrested.

February: ­- Nothing Reported.

Melton Park.

December: - Nothing Reported.

January: - Nothing Reported.

February: - Nothing Reported.


Dog Fouling (again).

I have received a complaint about dog fouling in the area of Ferndale Avenue. A lot of people use this route to either come from or go to the bridlepath to walk their dogs.  I have mentioned before that allowing your dog to foul the highway is an offence. There is no excuse for allowing this to happen. Plastic bags are plentiful so please use them.  If you forget one, I am sure a resident will be amenable to letting you have one so the dog mess can be cleared up. Anyone seen to be responsible for this will be identifed and reported to the police with a view to prosecution.


The Brunton Park Bus Shelter.

Do you know where your offspring are in the evening?

Groups of youths are hanging around the bus shelter on Brunton Park by the play park, particularly on Friday/Saturday,drinking alcohol and intimidating bus users. I am aware that some of these are probably not local youths as they leave on the bus but, from my own observations, some clearly are from our locality.

In my experience, parents generally believe that their children would not misbehave. In my experience, their children often do misbehave and push the boundaries. Please check on where they are and who they are mixing with. Remember, as parents, you are responsible for ensuring your children are well behaved.

The Police are aware and will be checking.


I have been asked by our local police supervisors to remind residents about keeping garages and sheds secure with good quality locks and removing valuables from vehicles to thwart the opportunist thief. There is a police campaign at present regarding bogus officials. Please never let anyone into your property unless you are sure you have identified them properly. Never, ever agree to have any work done by door to door callers. If anyone calls and tells you that your tiles need fixed or your chimney is about to fall through the roof, both common ploys, turn them away. If you are concerned about what they tell you, contact a reputable local tradesman for advice. If you can get the callers details/registration number to pass on to the police, so much the better.

On the subject of identification, the Census is almost upon us and I am the Census Coordinator for our area. Please complete and submit the census documentation by hand or online or one of my staff will have to pay you a visit. All census staff have photo identification. If you need help or advice, please ring the Census Helpline on 0300 0201 101.

Unexpected Windfall Scam.

Lastly, I wonder if any of you has had emails from Africaoffering you several million dollars? I have had a few. A new organisation called Action Fraud has been set up to look into this kind of scam. Please forward any such emails to email@actionfraud.org.uk and check out their website, www.actionfraud.org.uk for advice.

Our Website. Please contact me with any suggestions for content to help me make it more interesting and relevant.

Ian Peden