April 2015


This has been another fairly quiet quarter, with one burglary and two other crimes which could be described as unfortunate and avoidable.



JanuaryTheft of a domestic boiler in The Fairway, between 12.00pm and 12.15pm on the 9th when it was left unattended in the street.

February – Nothing reported.

MarchBurglary in Queensway between 7pm on the 7th and 1.45am on the 8th. The front door was forced and electrical items and alcohol were stolen.

Theft at 11am on the 16th. Whilst unloading a vehicle in Clayworth   Road, the victim’s mobile phone dropped onto the path. The victim entered the property and when they came out, the phone was gone.



January – Nothing reported

February – Nothing reported

March – Nothing reported


Slightly further afield, North Lodge in Gosforth Park was broken into via a rear door and items stolen, between 10am and 3.30pm on Tuesday 3rd March and a house was broken into in Fencer Hill Park, between 3pm and 9.20 pm on the same day, though nothing was stolen. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Despite my advancing years, I have done my best to enter the 21st century and now have both a Twitter account and a Facebook page for the Neighbourhood Watch. The Twitter account is @brunmelwatch and the Facebook page is innovatively named Brunton Park and Melton Park Neighbourhood Watch!

Please feel free to follow the Twitter account and send friend requests for the Facebook page. In turn, I shall endeavour to keep you up to date with what is going on in the area. If everyone follows the advice below, there should be very little to report.




1. LOCK IT: Most intruders love an opportunity; they look for them and thrive on them. Do ensure that all your windows and doors are securely locked when they are not in use.

2. CREATE AN ILLUSION: If the house is unoccupied for periods of time, make sure it appears that someone is at home. Install timers on lights, a radio, the TV and ask a neighbour to collect your post, move bins and open and close your curtains.

3. KEEP IT HIDDEN: Nothing tempts a burglar more than easy pickings. House and car keys, mobile phones, laptops, notebooks and tablets, purses and wallets for instance, should all be

kept out of sight. Find a safe place to store them away from windows and doors. If you have especially valuable pieces on show, it may also be wise to obscure them from view.

4. LIGHT IT UP: For any intruder, the thought of being seen and his identity revealed is their greatest fear and will cause them to think again. Install motion sensor and timer controlled external lights (even CCTV), in key positions around your property. Hedges and bushes provide excellent cover for burglars to creep around in, so do keep them well trimmed.

5. MAKE A NOISE: Nothing is more effective against preventing a break-in than a fitted alarm system. No intruder wants the sound

of a ringing bell whilst he is going about his unsavoury business. In a Home Office Report regarding the decision making of burglars, 84% said they would do their utmost to avoid entering a home with a fitted alarm system.


Please take care of your property and let’s have a crime free Summer.


Kind regards, Ian Peden.