Current Newsletter January 2017


Dear Neighbour.


Welcome to the January 2017 newsletter. I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

There have been 4 reported crimes in the last 3 months.


Brunton Park

October – Nothing reported.

November Damage to motor vehicle between 11pm on Wednesday 21st and 5am on Thursday 22nd in Greenfield Road where unknown person enters driveway of property and repeatedly hits the vehicle front door causing damage. Offender then pours paint over the vehicle and makes off unseen.

December – Damage to motor vehicle between 4.15pm on Tuesday 13th and 7.35am on Wednesday 14th in Fairway Close where offender enters driveway and applies paint/tar to all sides of a parked vehicle.

Damage to motor vehicle between 9am and 6pm on Tuesday 20th in Davenport Drive where offender scratches paintwork with unknown instrument.



October – Nothing reported.

November – Nothing Reported

December – Nothing reported.


Nearby in October, 2 males tried to open the gate to Inglewood, Great North Road, then stole post from the post box.

In November, there was damage to a window in BridgePark.

In December, a pedal cycle was stolen from Clarendon Mews. The offenders cut the door to the secure bike shed, cut the bike lock then made off on a motorcycle. There was also theft from a vehicle on WhitebridgePark and burglary to a shed at 3 MileBridge allotments

Additionally, there was a burglary to a garage and shed in Heathery Lane.

which asks victims to confirm their name, address, and bank card information. One victim reported entering his Nationwide banking details and later found out £750 had been stolen from his account. After the victim notified Nationwide, they cancelled the card and refunded the money in full. 

I had a similar email the other day purporting to be from Paypal.

Suspicious emails will often contain:

Links to New Sponsor

I am delighted to announce that Jan Forster Estates have taken up the sponsor’s mantle and will be printing the newsletters from now on. I would like to say a huge thank you to them for stepping in and supporting the local community. I would also like to thank the other individuals who contacted me with offers of assistance.

Inconsiderate Parking      

It has been brought to my attention by a lady whose mother resides in the care home on MeltonPark, that she has difficulty negotiating some pavements around the estate while pushing her mother in a wheelchair.

This is caused by vehicles parking partially on pavements and not leaving enough space. Please try to ensure the pavement is clear, particularly if you have tradespeople visiting.

In addition, the bay at the junction of Newlands   Avenue and Bowfield Avenue is regularly full of cars and vans which are too long and stick out into the carriageway, causing an obstruction. Please park considerately.

Fake Amazon Emails

The spoof emails from “” claim recipients have made an order online and mimic an automatic customer email notification.  

In one example, the scam email claims recipients have ordered an expensive vintage chandelier. Other reported examples include Bose stereos, iPhones, cameras and luxury watches. The emails cleverly state that if recipients haven’t authorised the transaction, they can click on the help centre link to receive a full refund. The link leads to an authentic-looking website websites that look like, but aren't

Suspicious emails will often contain the following;

Attachments or prompts to install software on your computer.

Typos or grammatical errors.

Forged (or spoofed) e-mail addresses to make it look like the e-mail is coming from

Amazon will never ask for personal information to be supplied by e-mail.

Lost and Found Property.

Police no longer record lost property and will not routinely take in found property (it depends what it is). You can use to register any property with an identification/serial number. This service is free. There is also where there is a fee but they can provide a reference number for insurance purposes.

Best wishes for a crime free 2017. Ian Peden.