General Information and Warnings. 23/12/2010

About 6.15pm on 22/12, two young females who said they were trying to raise funds for the Red Cross called on a resident.

The resident has described the approach as being subjected to high pressure doorstop selling techniques. Although not invited in, they managed to persudade the resident to allow them entry into the house where they were then subjected to even more high pressure selling.   The females said they were trying to raise funds to get Red Cross into schools for “life saving techniques”.  

One of them produced a Direct Debit form.  The resident tried to back out but couldn’t get them to take notice – she was told it would only cost 30p a day Her husband came in at some point and when he worked out that 30p a day was £9 a month he said it was too much, so they wrote £5 down on the form. The resident didn’t sign the form but the girl initialled things on the form (with the residents initials). It was only later on reading the info they had left,(most of which had not been explained to them), that the females were actually paid fundraisers and worked for Fundraisers Initiatives Limited – for every £5m raised they take £2m apparently.

 This morning the resident contacted Fundraisers and complained to someone who agreed the girls behaviour was unacceptable. He is also cancelling their DD form and they are contacting their bank to make sure no funds are released.

 This has been described by the resident as a very slick high powered operation. 

She also said the girls told them they had been talking to a policeman who lives on the estate before they got to them, so Mrs B said it sort of reassured her!

 Our local officers have been informed. If you feel you have been pressured into giving in this manner then please contact Fundraisers Initiatives Ltd directly to complain. If enough people do so they will have to do something about it.