Melton Park

Sunday 12th December 2010. 

I have received a complaint about dog fouling in the area of Ferndale Avenue. A lot of people use this route to either come from or go to the bridlepath to walk their dogs.  I have mentioned before that allowing your dog to foul a footpath is an offence. There is no excuse for allowing this to happen. Plastic bags are plentiful so please use them.  If you forget one, I am sure a resident will be amenable to letting you have one so the dog mess can be cleared up. Anyone seen to be responsible for this will be identifed and reported to the police with a view to prosecution.


Friday 13/5/2011

Please be alert, there is a burglar operating in our area.

 A House in Summerhill Avenue has been broken into along with a couple on Whitebridge Park.  The offender entered the rear garden via the racecourse, gained entry to a shed where they took a gardening implement and used that to force patio doors to gain entry to the main house.

 Please ensure that sheds are secured, windows closed and, if you have patio doors, that you have additional security to prevent the door from sliding open.


January 2012.  Houses have been attacked in Newlands Avenue, Ferndale Avenue, Heathfield Place and Hartside Place over the Christmas period. All premises were attacked from the rear. .