We are an open, democratic affiliation of the housing co-ops in Bristol. We exist to provide mutual support; to help people start new co-ops; to address issues and opportunities relevant to co-ops; to help expand the co-operative movement ... and to revolutionise the housing market.

This website is a point of contact for people in Bristol thinking of setting up a new housing co-operative. The process is ain't simple, but it sure ain't impossible. If you need help from someone local who's been and gone and done it, please give us a ring.

There's excellent national help available already. The best starting point for information is http://www.radicalroutes.org.uk and in particular their resources page, http://www.radicalroutes.org.uk/publications-and-resources.html

Start at the bottom of that page with the  "Double sided A4 sheet giving a basic step by step guide to setting up a housing co-op".  (BUT NOTE that you need to do steps 7 and 8 - make a business plan and set up a mortgage - BEFORE step 6, find a property!)

Then graduate to the fully detailed guide higher up the same page, "How to set up a Housing Co-op."


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