SATURDAY 20 July 2024



Admission to hall 50p, School children free

Chair Braishfield Village Association


Anyone living in or near the village is encouraged to enter
(check the rules if in doubt).

To open the on-line entry form click on ENTRY FORM at the top of the list on the left of this box.

Entries will be accepted from Saturday 22 June to Wednesday 17 July
and entry is 50p per exhibit, children: free.

The SHOW OFFICE is at ????, ????, Braishfield,
SO51 0QF. The office is open evenings only.



  1. Some flowers and foliage for effect in your own jug
  2. Fern in a pot – maximum pot 18 cm
  3. Fuchsia in a pot – maximum pot 18 cm
  4. Pelargonium in a pot – maximum pot 18 cm
  5. Pot plant (flowering) – maximum pot 18 cm
  6. Pot plant (foliage) – maximum pot 18 cm
  7. Clematis bloom in a wine glass (own glass)
  8. Vase of roses, any one variety or mixed
  9. A Vase of mixed grasses
  10. Specimen rose
  11. Vase of flowering shrubs, 3 stems, mixed varieties
  12. Vase of sweet peas (12 mixed blooms)
  13. Vase of perennials – three stems, mixed varieties
  14. Vase of foliage – three stems chosen for colour and contrast
  15. An arrangement of flowers from your garden in your own tea cup and saucer
  16. A Succulent or Cactus in a pot, flowering or not-flowering


  1. 9 Raspberries (calyces retained)
  2. 9 Gooseberries
  3. 9 Sprigs of redcurrants
  4. 9 Sprigs of blackcurrants
  5. 9 Strawberries (calyces retained)
Note – Section B All soft fruit must be with stalks. Exhibits to be laid out in three rows of three items each. The Judge is looking for uniformity and condition.

Some tips on exhibiting can be seen by clicking here



  1. A bunch of 5 radishes
  2. 5 White potatoes
  3. 5 Coloured potatoes
  4. 6 French beans
  5. 6 Runner beans
  6. 6 Broad beans
  7. 3 Small Onions - under 250 g each
  8. 3 Big Onions - over 250 g each
  9. 9 Shallots (culinary)
  10. 9 Shallots (pickling) - not exceeding 3 cm diameter
  11. 2 Courgettes (10 cm – 15 cm)
  12. 3 Globe beetroot
  13. A seed tray (20 cm × 35 cm) of mixed vegetables
  14. 3 Carrots of any one variety
  15. 3 Bulbs of garlic
  16. 1 Cabbage of any variety
  17. 2 Lettuces of any one variety
  18. A Basket, not exceeding 20 cm diameter, of bunched herbs (judged for quality and variety)
  19. 5 Tomatoes - calyces retained
  20. 7 Cherry tomatoes - calyces retained
  21. 1 Cucumber
  22. 1 Marrow not exceeding 30 cm in length
  23. 3 Peppers of any one variety
  24. 1 A specimen of a `Wonky' Vegetable
Make sure that your exhibit contains the number of items specified as the judge will disqualify any entries that do not conform.


Please check the detailed rules in the Show Rules or by clicking here.
  1. GOING TO POT (Novices only) An exhibit staged on a table, space allowed width 40 cm × depth 40 cm, height unlimited.
    Viewed from the sides and front.
  2. A PERFECT MATCH An exhibit staged in a niche, height 80 cm, width × depth 56 cm.
  3. SAVING LIVES AT SEA – 200 YEARS OF THE RNLI An exhibit staged on a table, space allowed width 50 cm × depth 50 cm,
    height unlimited.
  4. BRING ME SUNSHINE A pedestal exhibit, width 80 cm, depth 70 cm and height unlimited, to be placed on a wooden floor.
    Pedestal to be supplied by competitor.
  5. REMEMBERING D-DAY An eco-friendly exhibit using no floral foam, staged in a niche, height 80 cm, width × depth 56 cm.
  6. MOODY BLUES A contempory exhibit staged on a table, space allowed width 50 cm × depth 50 cm, height unlimited.
  7. MINIATURE WORLD A miniature exhibit, staged on a table, not exceeding 10 cm in width and depth, height 15 cm.
  8. YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED An exhibit staged in a niche, height 80 cm, width and depth 56 cm.
Novices (Class 61) will be competitors for the Braishfield Flower Arrangement Society Rose Bowl.
The winner of Class 68 will be awarded The Simone Trophy.
The Dawkins Cup will be awarded to the best exhibit in Section D.
The Vine Cup will be awarded to the Exhibitor with the highest total number of points in Classes 62, 63 and 64.
The Braishfield Parish Council Cup will be awarded to the exhibitor with the highest total number of points in Classes 65, 66, 67 and 68.
All exhibits will be judged from the front with the exception of Classes 61, 63, 64 and 66 which will be judged from the sides and front.
All table covering black. Niche background white.

Further details of Flower Arrangement Society events can be seen by clicking here


SECTION E -- CULINARY (subject to change)

  1. Ingredients from your store cupboard. Make your own savoury or sweet dish choosing ONLY from the following – flour, sugar, eggs, butter/marg, milk, dried fruit, cheddar cheese, spices, and seasonings. Give it a label.
  2. (Fishcakes) Unfortunately entry to this class is no longer possible.
  3. Courgette, Cheddar and Herb frittata – given recipe.
  4. Make 6 Small Danish pastries. Use bought puff pastry and three different fillings of your own choice.
  5. Carrot and Ginger cake – given recipe.
  6. 1 Jar of Jam
  7. 1 Jar of Marmalade
  8. 1 Jar of Chutney
  9. Children's Special. Make 4 Cupcakes to your own recipe. Decorate with icing or buttercream to celebrate the Coronation.
  10. Men's Special. Beetroot and Chocolate cake – given recipe.

See or download the recipes here


SECTION F -- CHILDREN (subject to change)

Children may also enter any adult class (free). Young relatives of residents are welcome to enter.
Note that the Ron Hodgson Cup is specifically for children and goes to the exhibitor of pre- or primary school age
with the highest points across all entered sections (Children and Adult).
  1. (Pre-school and Reception): A plant or flower drawing from nature, A4 paper.
  2. (School Years 1 and 2): A flag from textiles, mounted on A4 paper.
  3. (School Years 3 and 4): Make a fabric tree frog. Use any stuffing.
  4. (School Years 5 and 6): Make a screen-printed poster showing something topical that you are passionate about
    (not necessarily WWII), A4 size.
  5. (Children of any Pre-School or Primary School age): Make a collage style picture on the theme of gardens.

SECTION G -- ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY (subject to change)

  1. A line drawing using pencil, different types of pen or any combinations as you wish
  2. A painting in any medium
  3. A photograph of a Plant or Flower, maximum size 18 cm × 13 cm mounted on A4 paper or card.
  4. A photograph, maximum size 18 cm × 13 cm titled and mounted on A4 paper or card. This year's theme is `Hidden Treasure'
There are no restrictions on size in classes 80 and 81 but if your entry is particularly large please let the show secretary know.
The Girlie Old Cup, which is awarded to the winner of the Photographic Class is in memory of Girlie Old, for many years Flower Show Secretary.
Advanced Notice: The title for the 2024 photographic competition will be `Chilling Out'