The footpaths are  managed and maintained by both the Farnham Ramblers and Bourne Conservation Group both working together. They have established a footpath warden scheme.

We work with the County Council, the Bourne Conservation Group and local residents to ensure good access for residents is maintained. This includes identifying, reporting and working to resolve issues such as encroachment of footpaths. It can be an offence to move a fence on a footpath so please tell us if you notice any new or moved fences on footpaths in the Bourne.  You can report issues to Farnham Ramblers here, or to Bourne Conservation Group here.

The Bourne Conservation Group now have a footpath warden scheme to help them work on maintaining the footpaths.      

The Farnham Ramblers are a strong body of people who have organised work parties who help maintain our footpaths and rights of way throughout Surrey.   


Footpath Maps 

A coloured footpath map (extract below) is available from TBRA. Please contact

The maps are available in 3 variants:

£2.00 for large.

£1 for laminated smaller map and

50p for non laminated small map.

footpath-map framed

Surrey County Council also have an interactive footpath map on their website.


History of the footpaths

The Bourne Residents Association was formed in 1962 when a handful of residents became concerned by the suggestion that 'The Bourne Woods', or to use its old name, 'The Clumps', had been identified as a possible site for gravel extraction.

In order to deter despoilers, the tactics of registering 'The Clumps' old footpaths was applied and the Association decided to pursue a policy of registering all our old un-registered footpaths with total success, such that in the Bourne there are over 10 miles of footpaths in an area of about 2 square miles.

As part of the Millennium celebrations, we resurrected some of the old footpath names, marking them with new footpath signs. Most were named after someone living nearby such as 'Granny Cook's Path' leading to the school.