Bourne Beautification Project

Our aim

Our aim is to enhance the appearance of Lower Bourne Village centre along the A287.  

This year due to the present Covid pandemic Farnham Town Council has kindly stepped in to continue the planting and care of the tubs at the crossroads. With Lavender Hill moving we lost the wonderful front of shop display and had to try to recover the situation immediately before judging in early July 2021. Two new planters and three troughs were placed outside of the shop premises.

On 17th of September 2021 we received the results of the South and South East Farnham in Bloom Competition. The Bourne is part of the large town category.

We are seeking to recruit volunteers to help continue this work at the crossroads. 


West Street Cemetery : Gold award


Badshot Lea : Gold award


Town Centre : Gold award


Large Town : Gold award


Gostrey Meadow : Silver Gilt







2016-noticeboard-tubs framed  

Pansies, ivies and spring bulbs have been planted in only the tubs and large planter. The hanging baskets will be replanted in the spring.

At Christmas 2018 we again added a bit of Christmas festive lighting by illuminating the five tubs under the notice board, the notice board itself and the two tubs by the bench.

In 2019 we will continue to keep the area around from the crossroads from the Vets to the Hairdressers free from litter to the best of our ability. Due to the increased traffic this is proving difficult.

We also help with the litter picking and maintenance of Langhams Recreation Ground and work closely with Surrey County Copuncil in improving the Bourne Green for users.

None of this would be possible without the ongoing  involvement of our local community which has been bought together by The Bourne Residents' Association & Bourne Conservation Group.


2016-baskets framed



bbp2015-5 framed



bbp2015-2 framed



bbp2015-3 framed


Our tubs brightening up Lower Bourne.