The Bourne Residents' Association Constitution

1.  TitleThe Bourne Residents' Association


2.   ObjectivesThe Association was formed in 1962 to protect and enhance the amenities and semi-rural environment of the Bourne area, including woodlands. It is voluntary and non-political and its main function are, through committee, to make comments and representations to the relevant local authority on planning issues within The Bourne, and on conditions of highways and road safety, and to show active concern in the maintenance of footpaths, public rights of way, recreational areas, local shopping and servicing, with a view to preserving the present environment.

It may be appropriate for the committee to consider and comment upon any aspect or matter occurring within areas directly adjacent to The Bourne, including Farnham Town Centre and surrounding districts, which it is felt directly affect residents of The Bourne.

 The area of The Bourne shall be defined as that included in The Bourne electoral Ward, as shown on the accompanying map, and including an area of 25 metres beyond the boundary.


3.   Membership and SubscriptionsMembership is open to either a council tax payer or to any member on the electoral role within the Bourne Electoral Ward. At the AGM in October 2015 the new membership structure was agreed. From this date the membership is now free to all members. 


4.  Officers:

 a. The officers of the Association shall be the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and membership secretary, all of whom shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting for the ensuing year.  The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall have served at least one year on the committee. before seeking election.

 b. Neither the Chairman, nor the Vice-Chairman shall hold that office for three consecutive years.  No Secretary, Treasurer or Membership Secretary shall hold that office for more than six consecutive years.  In exceptional circumstances, and if agreed by both the Committee unanimously and a two-thirds majority of the Membership at the AGM, these restrictions shall be waived.

 c.  No officer, following retirement, shall be eligible for the same position on the committee for at least two years.

 d.  All officers must be members of the Association before election.


5:   Committee:                                                                                                                           

  a. The affairs of the Association shall be managed and its fund administered by the committee.

  b. Any member of the Association may propose or second members, whose consent to serve shall first have been obtained, for election to the committee. Such nomination must be sent to the Secretary in writing, signed by the proposer, seconder, and the nominee, at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

 c.  As in (b), any member of the Association may propose or second an eligible member to serve as Chairman, or Vice-Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

 d. The committee shall consist of not more than twelve members, including the officers with power to co-opt additional members for special duties, or when circumstances demand. 

     The committee shall meet at least six times a year.

     The quorum shall consist of four committee members, to include at least one officer, who shall act as Chairman.

 e.  In the event of an equality of votes, the matter shall be hung over to a further meeting.

 f. The committee shall be empowered to fill by co-option a vacancy occasioned by death, resignation or inability to serve.  No co-opted member shall have voting rights on the committee.  Any officer or member so co-opted may hold office until the AGM and then shall be eligible for election.

 g.  The committee shall have the power to form, from the general membership, and direct sub-committees as is deemed necessary.  Any sub-committee so formed shall have a member of the main committee as Chairman and have a duty to report to the Secretary of the main committee, in writing, on any activities undertaken by that sub-committee.

 h.   Members of the committee shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the course of their duties for the Association.


 6.  Annual General MeetingThe AGM shall be held in the Spring at such time and place, within The Bourne Electoral Ward area, as determined by the committee, with at least three weeks’ notice to be given to the membership.  The agenda shall include the following items:

 a. To receive the Chairman's Report.

 b. To receive the Treasurer's Report.

 c: To receive the latest report from any sub-committee working during the current  year.

 d. To elect officers and committee for the ensuing year. In the event of more than one nomination for any office being received by the Secretary in writing at least two weeks prior to the AGM, or for more nominations than the required number of committee members, a paper ballot may be taken.  A Returning Officer from the eligible membership shall be appointed for the purpose of counting the votes.

 e.  To consider any Resolution proposed and seconded by a member.  Such Resolution must be received by the Secretary in writing at least two weeks before the AGM, and to be adopted, must be passed by a two-thirds majority at the meeting.  Resolutions raised by a member at the Annual General Meeting shall be voted at the meeting at the discretion of the Chairman.

 f. To appoint an External Examiner, independent of the Committee members, to audit the accounts.

 g. To discuss any other business (at the discretion of the Chairman): non-members may speak only at the invitation of the Chairman.

 h. To allow feedback from membership on any particular issues or concerns to them.

 i.  To introduce a speaker to give a talk or lecture of topical interest.


7.  Finance:

 a.  The Association's financial year shall run from 1st January to 31st December.

 b.  Cheques shall be signed by two nominated officers.

 c.  The accounts and fluids of the Association shall be under the day-to-day control of the Treasurer who shall be obliged to keep all financial records for a period of six years.

 d. An audited balance sheet, together with an account of the income and expenditure for the preceding year, shall be submitted by the Treasurer at the AGM.


8.  Extraordinary General MeetingThe committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting when it is considered necessary and it shall be a member's right to request an extraordinary meeting to be held, provided that member has the support for such a meeting from at least twenty eligible members of the Association.  Such a request should be made in writing to the Secretary.  The Secretary will have the duty to inform the Chairman and other officers of the committee of such a request and to organise a date, time and venue for such a meeting and to notify in writing all members of the Association of the forthcoming meeting. The topic of the meeting should be clearly stated in all requests and notifications.


9.  Autumn MeetingA meeting of members shall be generally held in the autumn, which will normally be a social occasion.  Members' guests will be welcome at this meeting.


10. Winding up:  All membership shall be informed of a General Meeting at which a Resolution to wind up the affairs of the Association has been proposed.  If the resolution is passed, so much of the assets of the Association shall be realised as may be required to discharge all liabilities, and any remaining assets shall be made over to one or more charitable institutions within the Bourne or other associations having charitable objectives similar to those of the Association, as recommended at the aforesaid General Meeting.


11. The Constitution shall be lodged with the Chairman, and copies with the Secretary and the Membership Secretary of the Association.