The Bourne Residents' Association aims to protect and enhance the amenities and semi-rural environment of The Bourne, Farnham.                                                                                                         


  • keep an eye on highways, footpaths, public spaces, tree preservation orders and the stream
  • review planning applications
  • encourage measures that support local shops and businesses
  • lobby authorities on matters that could adversely affect quality of life in the Bourne.
  • independently monitor potential threats to locally listed buildings.  


Bourne Green and Tennis Courts framed

The Bourne Green and Tennis Courts


Although so close to Farnham, the Bourne has a unique identity, a semi-rural feel and a sense of community. The incredible network of registered footpaths and narrow lanes are a marvelous legacy from its humble origins. At the heart of the village is the green, which is home to tennis courts, play area, cricket in the summer and football in the winter.