Via our Facebook presence details of various virtual talks by local and national gardening clubs are given. 




Our monthly meetings are at 7.45pm  on the second Monday of the month from September to May. We meet in the small hall attached to Blackhall St. Columba's Church and talks are normally illustrated. We have a cup of tea/coffee at the end which also gives us all a chance to catch up with each other and discuss what is next to be done in the garden.

The 'horti' talks for 2019- 2020 were  as follows: 


9 September :   'Garden Heal Thyself' - Identifying causes of plant health problems from symptoms 

                          Eric Boa

14 October :        Scented Plants for Butterflies and Pollinators 

                            Quercus Plants 

11 November :     The Horticulture of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

                             Robert Ross 

9 December :      How to get the best from your local garden centre 

                            Stan Green, Growforth/The Plant Market, Hillend Fife.


13 January :        A New Year Get Together  to swap seeds, plants & advice


 10 February:        Caring for your lawn

                             Tony Garn 

9 March :            Vegetables 

                            Jess Brown : RZSS 

13 April :              Community Gardening : It's Your Neighbourhood & Beautiful Scotland 

                           John MacLennan

11 May :             Annual General Meeting 

                           followed by Quiz 



Our talks in 2018-2019 were as follows : 

Monday 10 September : Our perennial favourite !  Welcome Back with  wine & nibbles.

Bring something of interest or cherish from your garden - flower, foliage, fruit , vegetables, photographs ! 

Monday 8 October :     Creating a Garden in the Cleish Hills : Developing a garden from a two acre field

                                     Margaret Kilpatrick.  Kinross 

Monday 12 November : Ferns for the Garden

                                      Heather McHaffie : RBGE Associate 

Monday 10 December: Gardening in the Greenhouse 

                                     Jim Williams FNVRS. : President: National Vegetable Society, Scottish Branch.

                           we will also have our Christmas Raffle at this meeting. 

Monday 14 January :     Modern Approaches to Tree & Shrub Planting

                                      Kate Colleran: Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh. 

                       (Kate will also discuss the merits of mulching,  and soil ameliorartion within her talk) 

Monday 11 February :    Petticoats and Plants : Scotland's Gardening Women

                                       Unsung heroines of horticulture 

                                       Deborah Anne Reid 

Monday 11 March :        Developments at Saughton Winter Gardens, in conjunction with 'The Caley' 

                                       Pam Whittle : Hon. Vice President : Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society 

Monday 8 April :             Practical Biodiversity - Wildlife in your Garden

                                       Stan da Prato : Chairman - Advisory Group, Aberlady Bay Biodiversity Reserve 


and our year concludes on Monday 13 May with our AGM which is followed by a Quiz. 



Our autumn & winter months during our session -2017 -2018 were  : 

Monday 11 September : A Welcome Back : Bring something from your garden , or someone else's. - your favourite flower, fruit or vegetable, or this year's accident.  Do also bring a cutting or two to swop or some seeds.

Monday 9 October : Recent Happenings & Developments at Edinburgh's Botanic Garden : Simon Crutchley.    Hear about the changes around the Botanics Cottage, Edible Garden and Glasshouses.

Monday 13 November : Permaculture with Kate Everett ; how to develop one's own garden ecosystems that are susaintable and self sufficient. 

Monday 11 December : Growing Flowers for Cutting and Using them in the home: Tricia Kennedy : Newhall Walled Garden. Tricia is one of the key players in 'Flowers from the Farm'.

Monday 8 January: The Benefits of Mulching: Fiona Playfair, from Garden Solutions,  explains the advantages and major benefits of composted mulches to improve your soil structure and texture.

Monday 12 February: Plants for our climate: How to choose the best hardy plants for the Scottish climate will be the theme from Sue Gray, Damhead Nursery.

Monday 13 March :    Fruit Growing- Get experts tips from Euan Cameron, Pittormie Fruit Farm. 

Monday 9 April : Simple Garden Design : Fenella Duncan 

Monday 14 May: AGM, followed by a Quiz. 


 Our talks in session 2016-17 were 

 12 September: Our Welcome Back Night

 10 October:Paeony Roses : Billy Carruthers, Binny Plants

 14 November :Growing something different in a pot : Lindsay Morrison, Inwood, Carberry 

 12 December: a hands on meeting 

 9 January :Kitchen Garden Vegetables : Jim Williams, NVRS

 13 February :A World of Gardens :Holiday at & around beautiful gardens : Graeme Mitchell : Brightwater Holidays

 13 March: Gardeners Question Time :William A Tait SHM: Simon Crutchley 

 10 April :Dwarf Bulbs for Garden & Greenhouse :  Stan da Prato : NBIB

 8 May 

Annual General Meeting


 Our winter talks for 2015-16 were as follows:- 

14 September : Social Evening & Welcome Back 

12 October : Amisfield Walled Garden : June Tainish, Amisfield Preservation Trust

9 November : How North Berwick became so Blooming Beautiful : Rosie Oberlander , NBIB

14 December : Make Your Own Holly Wreath : Practical  Demo 

11 January : Using Water Features in Your Garden : Nick Benge

8 February : Growing Vegetables in your garden : Ben Dell : RBGE Edible Project 

14 March : Streptocarpus & My Other Pot Plant Favourites : Tom Sneddon, Polmont

11 April : Gardening Quiz

9 May AGM 



Our Winter Talks for 2014-15 were  as follows:-

 October 13: Right Place - Right Plant: Ann Burns & John Smith:  SRUC Oatridge

November 10 : Choosing Growing Media, Mulches, and Top Dressings : Fiona Playfair : Garden Solutions

December 8: It's a BugLife: Encouraging Beneficial Bugs into the Garden: Suzanne Bairner: Buglife

January 12: How to Green Up Blackhall! : Tips on Lawncare : William A Tait: Edinburgh

February 9 : The Edible Project: Simple Hints on how to produce food from your garden: Jenny Foulkes : RBGE

March 9: Problem Panel /GQT : Bring your gardening problems and find out ! 

April 13 : The Amateurs' Greenhouse: Tom Sneddon : Polmont



The winter programme of talks for the session 2013-2014  was as follows:-

Monday 14 October      :  Fife Gardens : Lindsay Murray : Dairsie

Monday 11 November :  Roses - How to Grow and Show Them at their Best: Iain Silver: West Linton

Monday 9 December   :  Alpines from Near and Far: Robert Unwin : RBGE

Monday 13 January      :  New Year Quiz : An informal quiz testing our own knowledge, together with New Year mince pies!!

Monday 10 February    :  Plants in the Home: John MacLennan: Edinburgh

Monday 10 March         :  Sino Scottish Plant Connections : Simon Crutchley: RBGE

Monday 14 April            : Patio Planters -How to Fill, Plant & Maintain: Tom Sneddon : Polmont

Monday 12 May             : Annual General Meeting