Adaptive Snowsports Milton Keynes (ASMK) is always happy to welcome new skiers to our group. We are a local group of the charity Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK). Their website is

Never Skied Before? 

If you are a non-skier, and would like to try skiing for the first time, then you first must attend at least one lesson with the DSUK ski school, based at Hemel Hempstead Snowdome, before you can ski with our local group. This is to allow an initial assessment to be completed, to ensure that we choose the correct method for you to get the most out of your skiing experience, and also to ensure that we comply with the slope’s beginner policy.  You may require several lessons to bring your skiing to a standard that complies with the slope's beginners policy.

To book a lesson with DSUK

Have you skied before?

Can you make controlled turns and are able to stop?

If you can, then please fill in the participants form and forward this to our slope organiser.



Session Details

Participants Form 

ASMK if you would like more information.