Points from Committe meeting 19th July 2018

3.0 Matters arising from previous meeting:

3.1 AAA Agreement amendment: members for their approval to use said data at time of joining the AAA. Action: NC - Completed

3.2 Manure heap and Wood chips tidy up. Action: BM reported he was waiting for the availability of a Truck to do the work.

3.3 Grass cutting training. Presently postponed due to drought.

3.4 Additional Container to be purchased. Action: BM – In progress, estimated cost £1600.

3.5 The Derbyshire Dales District Council (DDDC) has contacted the AAA to make alterations to our lease (surrender and regrant) - basically a change of named representatives from the AAA. Our solicitor; Mr. Graham Elliott is in contact with Carolyn Lucas to resolve the matter. BM reported that our solicitor and the DDDC were having problems communicating.

3.6 BM has named (Rick) as a possible replacement for Richard Haystead. Agreed – to co-opt Rick onto committee.

3.7 BBQ: Agreed that the next BBQ to be on the 7th July 2018. A meeting to be arrange to discuss details.

3.7.1 New action: date now missed for July 2018, new agreed date for the 2nd September (3pm). Planning meeting for the BBQ Tuesday 28th at 7pm.  

5.0 Membership: Nigel (NC):

5.1 Current waiting list of 6 plus 3 who have indicated that although on the list they do not wish to be considered for a plot until next year.

5.2 Latest tenant took on plot 83 (formerly Richard Eaton’s) last night

5.3 Plot 67 has given notice and I will be showing a prospective tenant the plot on Friday night.

5.4 All of the people flagged up on the inspection list have been emailed and asked to rectify the issues raised:-

5.4.1 11 needed tidying around the perimeters.

5.4.2 6 needed the plots tidying, 5 of which were in urgent need of attention. One of the plots that needed urgent attention was 67-not given notice but has decided to leave.

5.4.3 1 needed water butt to catch run off from greenhouse.

5.5 The tenant of plot 32 has been contacted by phone and confirmatory email about the use of a hose and then after the notice went up on the gates the manually filling of an IBC. They have been giving a warning that further abuse of the water provided will result in immediate eviction.

6.0 Secretary: Nothing to report.

 7.0 Projects:

7.1 JS: There was a need to investigate and purchase heavier gauge `Chicken` wire for the fencing. Action: JS to investigate.

7.2 The main gate lock has broken. Agreed: to use as is.

 8.0 Maintenance

8.1 Fence and Hedge need constant attention.

8.2 Badgers and Rabbits are becoming a nuisance. Need to seek out opening in stock fencing where Badgers are entering.  

8.3 Gate into stock field has been damage. SN to follow this through via the DDDC.

8.4 NC recommended that the Container painting should wait until second container arrives: Agreed.

 9.0 Plot Inspections

9.1 A few plots have not shown any evidence of productive work.

9.2 Generally agreed that there should be no fires allowed during this hot dry weather. Possible fire damage

 10.0 AOB:

10:1 SN: Outlined the visit of the Hogweed Garden Club Evening Visit to Ashbourne Allotments Tuesday on the 31st July 6:30pm to 8:30pm: Agreed we should welcome the visit.

10.1. JS: Recommended we should purchase 2 hand trolleys for general membership use. Agreed. BM to purchase.