Cabbage (Winter): Can be sown this month until September. 

Calabrese: Can be sown in pots or direct. Get a winter crop by sowing under glass in the autumn. 

Carrot: Best sown direct as roots dislike transplanting. Prtotect from Carrot root fly insect mesh - there are some resistant types available against root fly. Keep soil well watered for even germination.

Spring Cauliflower: Hardy varieties will overwinter. Choose F1 types.  

Courgettes: Start off in small pots, or on a small mound (use generous amount of manure, as courgettes and marrows are very hungry plants) 

Kale: Sow now for autumn and follwing spring

Basil: Grow under glass, as Basil needs some warmth to dod well

Kohlrabi: Sow from May to August. Quick grower to give you Green or Purple stems.

Swede and Turnip: Can be sown in modules bur best sown direct.   

Fennel: Plants develop a strong tap root sos best sow direct. This vegetable likes the cool moist conditions of autumn, sw also sow in July and keep well watered.

Leeks: Sow thickly under cover in a pot or deep tray, once pencil thick carefully seperate and plany out. Leeks need a long growing season, sow alternative types with different maturity dates.

Parsnip: Best sown direct. Sow in clusters 20cm apart. With Parsnips it is essential to use fresh seed and keep moist the soil. Germination is slow.

Pea: Can be sown into large pots or lengths of rain guttering. Then transplant into position. Peas crop best if kept cool and moist. Water well in dry periods.