Staff Team

Ranjit Dillon (chief executive)

Ranjit is the leader of the organisation. She is responsible for the overall management of ASCA. Ranjit represents the organisation is discussions with funders, partners and the community.

Joseph Ryan (counsellor and group facilitator)

Joseph is our lead on all Carer's services, including facilitator for the carer's groups and also runs the 12 Step Zen group.

Julia Sands (service manager)

With overall clinical responsibility for ASCA, Julia is also manager for our Richmond centre. Her role includes recruitment and management of counselling volunteers and the design of our workshop and seminar programmes.

Donald Deakin (counselling manager)

As manager of our Kingston centre, Donald is involved in client assessment and management and personal development of volunteer counsellors. He also facilitates our Sunday meditation sessions at Richmind.

Tania Lucas (finance and administration officer)

Tania is responsible for day to day financial systems and administrative processes, including the management of our property and the hiring of rooms at our Richmond centre.

Lisa Kraut and Barbara Widden (Saturday conselling co-ordinators)

Lisa and Barbara support and lead a team of volunteer counsellors on our Saturday only service at Richmond and Kingston centres respectively.



  • Geoff Pope (chair)   
  • Pauline Gore   
  • Jean Goodlandt   
  • Bill Puddicombe   
  • Jenn Tory   
  • Mark Asby


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