Arranging Singles Ties 


  1. All singles ties must be played by the date shown and it is the responsibility of both players to ensure that this is done.
  2. Ample time is allowed for the completion of each round, holidays will not be considered as a valid reason to delay the final playing date of any tie.
  3. We strongly urge each player to contact your named opponent straight away to arrange the tie. [Holidays can therefore be accommodated.]
  4. In case of difficulty you must flag this to the appropriate Match Secretary at least 2 weeks before the final date for the tie and suggest 3 possible dates that you can play in the time remaining. In this event, the Match Secretary will endeavour to contact your opponent. If they are unable to do so by the end of the ensuing week, or by the last of your 3 dates whichever is later, the tie will be awarded to you regardless.



Failure to abide by the above will result in both players being removed from the competition.

To avoid this you are urged to fix the date(s) of your tie(s) without delay

Good luck and success in your ties.