Abingdon Hydro is a not for profit company set up by local residents, to generate hydroelectric power from the River Thames by Abingdon Weir.

Well, we tried...

but the price tag ended up too high.

Here is the press release that went out on 3rd November 2015,

and here is a press release that went out when we returned the investments.


You can read the story of the project (menu item on the left),

or another version in this feature from International Water Power magazine.


You can also read some lessons we learned (menu item on the left).

The society has now been dissolved and the funds distributed.


Note that the former email address, info@abingdonhydro.org.uk, is closed,

but abingdonhydro@gmail.com will be looked at occasionally.

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These pictures are montages produced by the architect.  




 The picture below shows the scews in relation to the weirView across river