The Holmer Church Group was started in 1936 from members of Holmer Church choir, meeting in the old parish hall on the site of the present hall.  By 1939 there was a Cub Pack, Scout Troop and a 16 strong Rover Crew.  The colour of the Group  kneckerchief is green with a red border which were the traditional colours of the parish.


Like all organisations there has been considerable change.  It was the first Group to have it's own HQ in 1957 and when that building was destroyed by fire in 1973 a new HQ was planned and built on the Racecourse (Off Highmore Street) - the splendid building that the Group still uses today.


Rover Scouting ended in the 1950's and we have had a Senior Scout Troop in the 1950's and 1960's and a Venture Scout Unit from the 1960's til the 1990's.


In 1964 the Group changed it's name to 1st Holmer (Hereford) Group.


Nowadays the Group consists of a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop.  Explorer Scouts which are run by the District also meet at our HQ.


We have girls and boys all in sections.  We've always had good leaders at Holmer - the length and quality of their service has made Scouting at Holmer something special and the present Leaders are dedicated as any in the past.


Since the beginning in 1936 the Group has never failed to meet - wars or fires, good or hard times - Holmer Scout Group is the only Group in Hereford that has an unbroked history - and those men who were boys in Holmer Scouts have remained friends ever since.



History By:

Mr G Edwards

Holmer Exec Committee