We are currently actively involved in discussions with the West End Project about proposed changes to traffic flow and bus routes in Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road/ Gower Street and surrounds. 

This is an ongoing project and will take us past the opening of the Elizabeth Line in Dec 2018.


10 February 2016.

The group met in Soho to discuss the relevance of the WECN in relation to The West End Partnership and the emergence of Neighbourhood Forum's - which cover most of the geographic areas that our member groups represent - and how we might engage better with these organisations. 

Cocerns were raised that many in the resident community felt their concerns were not give weight they deserved within the West End Partnership and these concerns will be brought to the attention of that partnership. 

It was unanimously felt that this network has an important part to play in ensuring that the views of the resident community are heard and that the WECN should better make its voice heard.

Items discussed relating to the West End Partnership included:

  • The structure of new sub-groups
  • Key projects
  • Lobbying activities
  • WECN representation

General discussion continued on:

  • Street fouling and WC provision
  • Night tube
  • Busking
  • Pedicabs
  • Social housing
  • Links with neighbourhood forums
  • Enforcement BID's
  • Licensing 


London's WEST END COMMUNITY NETWORK is made up of the following community associations:

Bloomsbury Association;  Charlotte Street Association;  Covent Garden Community Association;  Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association;  Leicester Square Association;  Marylebone Association;  Mayfair Residents Group; Soho Society;  the Residents' Society of Mayfair & St James's;  Seven Dials Trust.

Our wards are in the London Borough of Camden & Westminster City Council.

See Membership MAP:

Major changes are taking place in way that London is governed and these community groups wish to have a say in that debate, particularly in relation to the interests of the resident population and small businesses. This collaboration is the first step in that process. We are a non-political organisation.

We all seek to live and work in a city that is, safe, clean, friendly, prosperous, fair and democratic.


West End Project (Camden area) Jan 2015.

Our members from Covent Garden and Bloomsbury delivered a deputation to Camden Council on 21/1/2015 voicing our concerns relating to the impact on traffic congestion, especially to the South of the project area because we do not believe that the modelling which has been done adequately reflects the likely outcome. The full deputation statement can be read HERE

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