These pages provide information on the Richmond Park Beetle Group which has grown out of a partnership of The Royal Parks, Royal Holloway College and local conservationists to initially study Stag Beetles. The pages are produced by volunteers to tell you what we, together with the Park's Staff are doing to protect the beetles and how you can help.

The Group exists to protect, conserve and enhance populations of beetles and their habitat in the Park, and increase public awareness of the importance of this and similar sites that provide a refuge for wildlife in an increasingly hostile human-dominated world.  We are seeing a serious degradation of ecosystems which in the past supported the rich tapestry of life in the natural world.  One of the most obvious declines in the natural world is the loss of insects across most of the UK.  After your next drive on the motorway look for insects squashed on the wind screen, The chances are there will be none, yet 20 or more years ago car wind screens would need clearing several times in an average journey. 

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Male Stag Beetle

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