Welcome to the webiste of the Bue Light Symphony Orchestra (formerly the Police Philharmonic Orchestra), the UK's only Orchestra for Emergency Services Personell. Our players are drawn from a wealth of talent hidden inside the UK's Police Forces, Fire Brigades and Ambulance Services, as well as the other specialist emergency services sutch as Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue and the RNLI. Membership applications are taken from anyone who is currently in one of these roles or has been and is grade 7 or above (grade 6 for strings). We also welcome applications from people who would like to assist in an administrative role. 


The Orchestra aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around Mental Illness, especially within the Blue Light community. We are delighted to support the Mind Blue Light Programme. Playing and listening to music is a great way to boost your metal wellbeing and we would encourage anyone to take up an instrument or join a choir. 

We rehearse every other Sunday afternoon in central London. 

Please go to the Join us! page if you would like to get involved. 


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Charing Cross police station