The Steering Group are pleased to announce that they will shortly be publishing the draft Northill Parish Neighbourhood Plan in early May (2017)

How do I get to see it? 

1. ( Preferred method!) Access the draft Plan electronically on the new website (see News Item opposite) by using this link:

2. Limited paper copies will be available from the Co Chairs Helen Papworth (01767 627217) and Phil Sandell, Upper Caldecote  and other Steering group members. 

There will be information about how to send us feedback, as we need  your views on the decisions we have made. The policies in the Plan have all been based on information passed to us by you, the parishioner, at workshops held in the summer of 2015, followed up by a parish wide questionnaire in the winter of 2016/17, and a Sites Exhibition in Sept - Oct 2017. 



Please click to view.



Neighbourhood Planning in the rural parish of Northill, Central Bedfordshire.

Supported by the Community Development Foundation,Northill Parish Council, Central Bedfordshire Council, Bedford Borough Council, Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC), THINC, Locality and Groundwork

Your Parish, Your Plan, Our Future

The Neighbourhood Planning steering group was originally created by  6 Councillors and 9 Residents. Through work and other commitments, several members have had to move on from the group, but we have acquired one or two new members , and currently total 13 members. A further 20 or so parishioners have contributed to the Working group Reports, on which the Plan text and policies have been based,

This is a very exciting opportunity for the parish which will enable you to have your say about all land based use on a legal document which will be in place until 2031!

Please see "our files" for  working group reports, steering group and project team minutes, declarations of interest, and much more! - ALL ON THE NEW WEBSITE, ALSO THE PARISH PLAN 2009 and the NORTHILL GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN 2016

Contact info: The old email address associated with this website is no longer operational . Please send any enquiries to at present, until we have set up an email account on the new website.