We aim to strengthen and improve the community of Portsoken in Aldgate, London. To scrutinize the City of London (our landlord and council) and the service it provides.

Annual General Meeting of 22nd September 2016

7 to 9 pm. Artizan Street Library

Use Ground Floor entrance Artizan Street

  1. No minutes of previous of a Annual or General Meeting as a new Association.

  2. Announce Nominations received.

  3. Take Nominations from the Floor

  4. Speeches for and Election of Committee. No repeat presentations.

  5. Conduct of the Meeting now by the newly elected Chair.

  6. Adoption of Constitution, from those offered for consideration.
    To be considered, copies must be made available.

  7. Amendments by Meeting

  8. Date of 1st Committee Meeting.

  9. AOB.

  Site is dormant, active site is here  http://e-voice.org.uk/mse/

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